Compact Actuator Systems position and adjust hospital beds.

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Incorporated into standard or platform beds, modular CAJ actuator systems enable safe, power-driven positioning and adjustment in hospital, clinic, and rehabilitation settings. They integrate linear actuators, telescopic pillars, control units, and control panels and offer whisper-quiet, maintenance-free operation. Able to push loads up to 6,000 N, actuators deliver necessary HiLo (height adjustment) support as well as back, leg, and knee support.

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Compact SKF® 'CAJ' Actuator System Reliably Positions and Adjusts Hospital and Home-Care Beds

New SKF® "CAJ" actuator systems enable safe, quiet, and reliable power-driven positioning and adjustment of beds in hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation and home-care settings. These systems integrate linear actuators, telescopic pillars, control units, and control panels to satisfy demanding application requirements.

CAJ actuator systems can be easily incorporated into standard or platform beds and offer optimum patient care and comfort and total functionality for medical staff. Systems meet UL 60.601.1 and IEC 60.601.1 certification. Applications can broaden from beds to couches, stretchers, and physiotherapy and examination tables in healthcare environments.

Once installed and operating, CAJ actuator systems perform whisper-quiet and virtually maintenance-free.

Their powerful actuators can accommodate pushing loads up to 6000N and deliver necessary HiLo (height adjustment) support and added support for back, legs, and knees. Actuators are robust and compact with an especially short retracted length with standard strokes up to 300 mm.

Control boxes for CAJ systems can operate up to four actuators. Full electrical control is made possible by handsets, bilateral pedals, and selective function limiters.
Safety features include built-in limit switches to cut off power; mechanical end stop; braking springs; and self-locking technology. A "quick release" can be activated manually or by cable in case of emergency. Anti-jamming and anti-pinching protection can be specified.

The entire system's modular design promotes versatility and customization capabilities to meet specific application needs.

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