Communications Controller features integrated web server.

Press Release Summary:

Model ADAM-6500 includes 206 MHz StrongArm CPU, 32 MB DRAM, Compact Flash slot, 10-32 Vdc input power, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port, and 5 serial com ports. It offers text-based web pages with 1-touch web page generation, and provides TCP/IP support via integrated RJ45 Ethernet port. Integrated web server works with any PC via Internet Explorer, and integrated OPC server connects to remote OPC Client application. Fault and event notification is provided via e-mail or pager.

Original Press Release:

Advantech's new ADAM-6500

Web Connectivity for Cost Sensitive Applications

A new ADAM product from Advantech provides reliable web connectivity while meeting the demands of low-end, cost sensitive applications.

Advantech's ADAM-6500 is an ideal fit for web-enabled applications where graphic display capabilities and larger tag counts are not necessary. The ADAM-6500 includes these standard features:
o Text based web pages with one-touch web page generation
o TCP/IP support via integrated RJ45 Ethernet port or optional external modem
o Integrated web server works with any PC via Internet Explorer
o Integrated OPC server easily connects to remote OPC Client applications
o Fault and event notification via e-mail or pager
o On-line alarm viewing allows quick status checking via web browser
o Alarm and Trend history support data and event logging to file for off-line viewing and analysis
o Math and Schedule worksheets support simple logic functionality
o Security system allows complete control over access to web pages, data, etc.
o Shares the same development software tools as all other WebLink/WebOIT products (AStudio Development Version)
o Industry standard protocols included for easy interface to popular PLCs and I/O

The ADAM-6500 includes integrated AStudio Lite runtime. Hardware includes a 206MHz StrongArm CPU, 32MB DRAM, Compact Flash slot, 10-32VDC input power, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port and 5 serial comm. ports (3 - RS-232, 2 -- RS-485 selectable). DIN-rail mounting is included.

For more information about the ADAM-6500 or any of Advantech's other products visit Call center: 877-294-8989.

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