Communication Software features OPC-UA server plug-in.

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KEPServerEX offers Advanced Tags Math and Logic option to perform mathematic, logic, and advanced functions such as counter, timer, min, max, average, and accumulation. OPC-DA Client Driver enables communications to third party OPC servers and Kepware protocols, while Torque Tool Driver Plug-in helps interface with Open Protocol compliant torque tools. Users can monitor and manage their network infrastructure with HMI/SCADA automation solutions through SNMP protocol.

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Kepware Releases New Version of KEPServerEX for Sale through Kepware and Select Kepware OEMs

Portland, ME - Kepware Technologies, the Leader in Communications for Automation, announced today that it has released its latest version of the award winning communications product KEPServerEX, available for sale through Kepware, Kepware channels, and select private label OEMs.

This latest release of KEPServerEX delivers major functionality additions plus typical communication protocol enhancements. KEPServerEX now offers a Math and Logic option called Advanced Tags. This enables KEPServerEX to perform mathematic, logic, and advanced functions - Counter, Timer, Min, Max, Average and Accumulation. While this new option is valuable to all customers, it is especially valuable for use with Kepware's LinkMaster solution for Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, where data may need manipulation between automation systems.

KEPServerEX now offers an OPC-UA Server Plug-in, to be delivered by select Private Label OEMs. OPC-UA, promoted by the OPC Foundation, is the latest generation of OPen Connectivity through Open Standards - a Unified Architecture. OPC-UA delivers, among other things, enhanced security, removes the requirement of DCOM for distributed connectivity, and is firewall friendly, while also building on the industry proven concepts of OPC-DA.

KEPServerEX offers two new Client interface options delivering specific Oracle MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and Oracle MOC (Manufacturing Operations Center) connectivity.

KEPServerEX offers two new Driver Plug-ins: The OPC-DA Client Driver enables communications to third party OPC Servers in addition to Kepware protocols, enabling Clients to KEPServerEX to leverage one source for all communications through both OPC Standards and vendor specific native interfaces. The new Torque Tool Driver Plug-in leverages the Torque Tool Open Protocol to interface with Stanley E and EA Series, Atlas Copco PF3000, PF3100, PF4000 and other Open Protocol compliant torque tools.

KEPServerEX also delivers numerous enhancements to existing Protocol Plug-ins. Kepware delivers the world's first and best support for monitoring and managing your network infrastructure with HMI/SCADA automation solutions through the SNMP protocol. This release provides significant enhancements to the iSNMP solution, delivering MIB import and automated Tag generation, Device Auto-Discovery, and delivers Network Analyst - to generate device performance and bandwidth data. In addition, the following Protocol Plug-ins have been enhanced; Allen Bradley Control Logix Ethernet, Eaton ELC Serial, DNP Master Ethernet, DNP Master Serial, GE Fanuc EGD, GE Fanuc Ethernet (SRTP), GE Fanuc Focas1 Ethernet, GE Fanuc SNP, GE Fanuc SNPX, Mitsubishi Ethernet, Modbus Ethernet, Modbus Serial, ODBC Client, TOYOPUC Ethernet, and UCON - User Configurable Driver. Customers should use their MyKepware login to access release note details.

"This KEPServerEX delivery is the start of a new quarterly release process," explains Tony Paine, - CTO and Executive Vice President at Kepware. "It is our goal to deliver significant enhancements in each quarterly release, for both Kepware and Private Label OEM use. Kepware is the World Leader in Communications for Automation and we will continue to lead by delivering dynamic and high quality solutions to the industry and to our partners."

"Kepware is the first vendor to deliver OPC-UA based device communications to the masses and has done so in tight partnership with other OPC-UA leaders, in order to deliver the highest quality and reliability," says Thomas Burke, President of the OPC Foundation. "Their expertise with OPC-UA, combined with their Driver offerings makes them the ideal partner for any OEM with aspirations to enhance their products with the next generation of OPC connectivity."

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Kepware is the world leader in communication software for automation and offers a unique experience in both OPC and embedded device communications. Since 1995, Kepware has focused on the development of communication drivers to automation controllers, I/O and field devices. Applications include M2M (Machine to Machine) and M2E (Machine to Enterprise) communications. Operating system support includes; Microsoft Windows Desktop, Windows Server and Windows Embedded (Windows CE and Windows Embedded NT/XP). Today, with over 130 communication protocols, and through the efforts of our direct sales, distribution and embedded partners, Kepware is the leading provider of communications with annual shipments exceeding 100,000 units. Kepware's responsiveness to customer needs and strong partnerships with other leading automation suppliers ensures that your next application will be a success. Ask around and you'll hear why automation professionals everywhere consider Kepware Technologies "Automation's Best Friend".

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