Communication Network Device includes wireless control.

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InduraNET p incorporates PSSuniversal modular, wireless decentralized I/O control platform for industrial environments. It features Coexistence Frequency Management enabling use in presence of other wireless systems in 2.4 GHz ISM band. Added to new/existing I/O block without changing hardware, system allows up to 64 operational and safety I/O modules, each with 2-4 I/O, to be installed alongside PSSuniversal head module. All common standard field bus protocols are supported.

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Pilz Takes PSSuniversal Wireless with InduraNET p.

PSSuniversal, the modular, decentralized input/output (I/O) control platform for industrial environments has gone wireless. With all radio clearances in, InduraNET p is fully operational.

InduraNET p, short for Industrial Radio Network, was specially developed for use in situations where cable-based solutions are difficult, impractical or impossible to install.

"PSSuniversal was already versatile, handling both operational control and safety-related functions," said Pilz Account Manager Paul Singer. "Now with the addition of InduraNET p, it's even more so."

One of the roadblocks to implementing such a wireless system was the difficulty of radio signal reception. In many, if not most, industrial environments, there are both technical and structural barriers. For the most part, InduraNET p solves these problems.

"InduraNET's innovative antenna system is the key," Singer explained. "It virtually guarantees constant, high-quality connections under all application conditions."

Another InduraNET p feature, Coexistence Frequency Management or CFM, enables InduraNET p systems to coexist with other wireless systems in the 2.4GHz ISM band, with high immunity to interference from other wireless services such as DECT, UMTS or GSM.

Users can add InduraNET p to a new or existing I/O block without changing any hardware. A maximum of 64 operational and safety input/output modules -each with two or four I/O-can be installed in any order alongside a single PSSuniversal head module. Communication is viable using all common standard field bus protocols.

"The PSSuniversal decentralized control platform with InduraNET p has a lot going for it," Singer summed up. "It can be used with all competitors' products; it eliminates heavy maintenance and replacement costs; it affords more flexibility on system set-up; and it's multi-functional, flexible and extremely reliable."

"It truly is state of the art," he concluded. "This was the inevitable next generation of industrial control. First there was hardwired I/O, then Field bus remote I/O, then Ethernet, and now Wireless. Short of mind control, I can't imagine what the next evolution might be!"

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