Communication Crystals suit handheld/portable applications.

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Produced to custom frequencies and specifications, UM-1SL slimline crystals are housed in resistance weld, hermetically sealed, low-mass UM style package that measures 7 x 8 x 1.8 mm. Products, available from 8-40 MHz in fundamental mode and up to 260 MHz in overtone mode, feature frequency stability over temperature from ±2.5 to ±20 ppm. Properties include max drive level of 100 mW, load capacitance from 8-32 pF, and aging of ±2 ppm max for first year.

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Quick TurnAround For New Slimline Communication Cystals

Pittsford, New York. Saelig Co. Inc. (Pittsford, NY) announces UM-1SL - a new range of slimline crystals designed for use in handheld and portable communications applications.

Available on short lead-times, the new UM-1SL crystals are manufactured in Europe by Euroquartz and are ideal for communications applications such as pagers where their small size and slimline profile is easily incorporated into equipment designs. The crystal blank used in this package is capable of being manufactured to close tolerances and is readily produced to custom frequencies and specifications.

UM-1SL slimline crystals are housed in a resistance weld, hermetically sealed, low profile, low mass UM style package measuring 7 x 8 x 1.8mm. A wide frequency range is available from 8 to 40MHz in fundamental mode and up to 260MHz in overtone mode.

Specifications include calibration tolerance at 25 deg C of ±3ppm, frequency stability over temperature from ±2.5ppm (-10 to +60 deg C) to ±20ppm (-5 to +105 deg C) , shunt capacitance (C0) of 4pF typical (7pF maximum), equivalent series resistance from 25 to 80 (depending on frequency), maximum drive level of 100mW, and aging of ±2ppm maximum for first year (±1ppm maximum per year thereafter) . Load capacitance (CL) is from 8 to 32pF or can be specified by customer.

Supplied bulk packed, Euroquartz's new UM-1SL crystals are available for operation over a variety of temperature ranges encompassing 0 to 50 deg C to -55 to +105 deg C.

For more information, please contact: Saelig Co. Inc. 585-385-1750

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