Communication Appliance Platform suits entry-level customers.

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Model NAD-2075-414 1U Desktop CA platform supports 10/100 fast Ethernet with desktop small form factor design and includes 4 LANs that provide secure data transfer. Powered by VIA Ultra low voltage Eden 500 MHz (TDP 1W) processor with VIA chipset (CN700 NB+VT8237R+ SB), it facilitates managability of communication appliance. Featuring four 10/100 Ethernet ports with DDR2 256 MB on board, compact fanless system can be deployed in SOHO/ROBO applications.

Original Press Release:

NAD-2075 - Optimizes Cost Effective Desktop Communication Appliance Platform with Via ULV Eden Solution

NAD-2075 includes all options with competitive pricing

2008-01-03 Taipei,Taiwan

Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the industry of Communication/Internet Security Appliance and a member of Intel® Communication Appliance, announces NAD-2075-414, a compact fanless system and supports 10/100 fast Ethernet with a desktop small form factor design, the lowest price with full communication appliance configuration 1U system. NAD-2075-414 appliance powered by VIA Ultra low voltage Eden 500MHz (TDP 1W) processor with VIA chipset (CN700 NB+VT8237R+ SB). The system architecture makes communication appliance platform dependable, cost-effective and price-competitive in the market. Moreover, NAD-2075-414 includes four 10/100 Ethernet ports with DDR2 256MB on board, so that it can be easily deploy in SOHO/ROBO applications where has minimum limit purchase budget are of main concern.

Available now, NAD-2075-414 1U Desktop CA platform is the perfect ideal solution for entry-level customers need it.

The lowest price, fanless solution and durable design

NAD-2075-414 is a great embedded desktop platform design for entry-level customers who are looking for lowest price with full configuration system, providing a quiet working environment and low power consumption. Through integration with exclusive Portwell RD development - NAD-2075-414 fanless solution, it facilitates the manageability of communication appliance and helps keep infrastructure costs down. Strict networking performance tests and durable structure design have shown that four LANs of NAD-2075-414 can improve transferring performances, provide secure data and smoother transfers. Advanced industry-leading electrical design innovations deliver long-term system reliability over wide operating conditions.

About Portwell

Portwell Inc, an Associate Member of the Intel® Communication Alliance , designs and manufactures Network and Security Appliance along with a full range of IPC products (SBC, Backplane, Redundant Power Supply, Rack Mount & Node Chassis), Embedded Architecture Solution and DVR system platform. We provide complete R&D and project management services to decrease customers' time to market, reduce project risk and cost. Portwell is also an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company which deploy quality assurance through product design, verification and manufacturing cycle.
About the Intel®Communications Alliance

The Intel® Communications Alliance is a community of communications and embedded developers and solutions providers who share a common vision on the convergence of computing technologies. The member companies within the Alliance are committed to the development of modular, standards based building blocks, platforms, and solutions based on Intel® technologies, processors, products, and services. The availability of these standards-based modular building blocks and solutions offer the market greater choice, faster time to profit, and the opportunity to innovate using modular building blocks from multiple levels of integration - silicon, software, boards and complete systems.

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