Common-Core Switching Platform is scalable, reconfigurable.

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Covering DC to 50 GHz range, Series 8800 is comprised of ASCOR Common-Core based signal switching solutions that provide modular RF/LF/DC platform which may be scaled and reconfigured. There are 12 switch modules that can be equipped with various relay configurations and replaced when test requirements change. In addition to offering place to add components to meet changing requirements, systems offer removable and customizable front/rear panels that support direct mounting of relays.

Original Press Release:

Giga-tronics ASCOR Introduces New Common-Core Platform Providing Scalable and Reconfigurable Signal Switching for RF and Microwave ATE.

SAN RAMON, Calif. - Giga-tronics Incorporated (Nasdaq "GIGA") today announced the release of the NEW Giga-tronics ASCOR Common-Core based signal switching solutions, the Series 8800. This family of products provides a modular RF/LF/DC switching platform that is scalable and reconfigurable to meet existing and emerging test requirements, covering the DC to 50 GHz frequency range.

Scalability and reconfigure-ability are achieved in a number of ways:
  • Configurable switch modules. The standard Series 8800 has 12 switch modules which can be equipped with various relay configurations, including multiple SPDT through SPnT (n=3-6) relays both terminated and non-terminated varieties. Other relay configurations are available. Modules can be added or replaced when test requirements change.
  • Component integration area. Should other signal conditioning components be required, there is a place to add components such as programmable attenuators, amplifiers, filters, circulators / isolators, and power dividers /combiners.
  • Removable front and rear panels. Front and rear panels can be tailored to a specific application, including with custom labels for intuitive RF interconnection. Relays can also be mounted directly to the panel to maximize relay performance (relative to internally integrated relays which will have additional cable loss and increased path VSWR). In addition, when test requirements change, the panels can be replaced with ones that are more specific to the new application. This allows re-use of the common-core of relays and other components for other projects.
  • GT-8300A integration. The Series 8800 integrates the Giga-tronics ASCOR model GT-8300A. This mainframe accepts the wide variety of Series 3000 modules. With nearly 200 existing designs available, users can supplement the RF switching capability with DC and low frequency switching as well as digital I/O and DMM functionality.

    "In the aerospace and defense test community, many projects and programs build their own test systems because either they believe that their test requirements are unique and/or the sensitive nature of the project. Building unique test systems is much more expensive than leveraging a common-core platform and often does not take advantage of the collective learning over a wide variety of applications. Activities have been undertaken to make common-core testers available. The Giga-tronics ASCOR Series 8800 embraces this concept and provides a common-core available at the switching / RF interface unit (RFIU) level" said Walt Strickler, VP of Business Development for Switching Solutions.

    About Giga-tronics Incorporated:
    Founded in 1980, Giga-tronics Incorporated is a publicly held company, traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the symbol "GIGA". Giga-tronics is a leading engineering and design manufacturer of best-in-class RF and microwave signal generators, power amplifiers, power meters, and USB power sensors and broadband switching matrices, all designed and manufactured in the USA. Research and Development production and calibration managers, scientists, engineers and technicians around the world use Giga-tronics test equipment and realize higher productivity and greater ease of use in many applications: ATE systems, aerospace and defense communications and general component test. URL:

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