CombiTac High Density Unit

At the Hannover Messe 2012, Multi-Contact will introduce a new component for the modular connector system CombiTac. The new module has a nominal contact diameter of 0.6 mm and is equipped with an inside protection wall to protect the contacts against mechanical damage. It has been designed for applications that require connectors with a small footprint as well as a high number of mating cycles and/or versatility.

The 20-pole  high density connector module is dedicated for electrical signal transmission in testing and measurement applications. A typical example is testing of electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) or other electronic devices.

The CombiTac connector system allows individual combinations of various contact types according to the requirements of the respective application.The high quality of the MC Multilam Contact Technology makes CombiTac the right solution for demanding applications with high mating cycles, providing a long life-span and low maintenance costs.


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