Combination Mixer handles high-viscosity products.

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Tri-Mix Turbo-Shear, for bio-pharm and cosmetics industries, combines scraped-surface, counter-rotating, double-motion agitator and independent, bottom-center mounted, homogenizer head. Agitator handles products up to 2,000,000 cp. Head accepts various disperser designs. Unit handles products up to 10,000 cp alone and viscosities to 50,000 cp and beyond with scraper agitator.

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High-Shear Combination Mixers for Bio-Pharm & Cosmetics

The Tri-Mix Turbo-Shear is a combination of a scraped-surface, counterrotating, double-motion agitator and an independent, bottom-center mounted, high-speed homogenizer head. The counterrotating, scraped-surface agitator can be designed to handle products up to 2,000,000 CPS. The Turbo-Shear head has been modified to accept several disperser designs. The "can" design of the Turbo-Shear has been improved to handle a wider range of high-viscosity products. The Turbo-Shear can handle products up to 10,000 CPS alone and viscosities to 50,000 CPS and beyond with the aid of the high-intensity scraper agitator. This agitator, combined with the vessel's vacuum/pressure rating, gives the unit unsurpassed versatility. Get more bang for your buck, and faster delivery too!

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