Columbus Completes Development of New Geographic Data Collection System

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 30 -- Columbus Geographic Systems (GIS) Ltd. ("Columbus") (Pink Sheets: CGSE) today announced completion of development of an advanced and innovative Geographic Data Collection System (DCS).

The Data Collection System is a new geographic information system (GIS) product providing an efficient tool to collect location-based data in the field. The system works on a PDA using MobileCE and connects to a Global Positioning System (GPS).

The DCS can be tailored to a wide range of user needs. For example, a highway authority needing to map the precise location of particular road signals would send the operator out into the field with this system. When the operator sees the relevant item, he or she then selects the item description or code from a drop-down menu and the software automatically marks the location based on the GPS.

Once back at the office, the operator easily down-loads the information into Columbus' SmartView GIS tool or any other geographical data management system for further analysis.

"Our Data Collection System is another valuable GIS tool that enables businesses and organizations to effectively manage location-based information," stated Tsvika Freidman, CEO of Columbus. "There is increasing awareness in business and government agencies of the advantages of using navigation and GPS tools, and this is driving strong market growth. We will continue to build on our rich experience in this field to successfully bring to market new technologies and applications that better serve our customers."

About Columbus

Columbus Geographic Systems (GIS) Ltd. is a rising player in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) and navigation applications. The company brings advanced software capabilities to a wide range of users and devices, previously only accessible to trained professionals on dedicated devices. Its main products include:

o Highly-effective off-road, outdoor GPS navigation tools, working on a
full range of devices including Car PC, PDA, and Personal Navigation
Devices (PND), with options for 3D imaging.

o Innovative, affordable GIS tools easily used in a range of
applications, including businesses, agriculture, surveys, and
government agencies.

o Aerial GIS applications for military and civilian aircraft operating in
complex or threatening environments.

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