Color of Water Series

The 711 Nesslerizer Series and the Comparator 705 are easy to use 2-field visual comparators. The sample color under test is matched in the comparator instrument against graded colored glass standards in Orbeco-Hellige test discs.

Our Color of Water products are for measuring the color of potable water in terms of an easily reproducible color standard. Color determinations are useful in detecting any irregular contaminations, the efficiency of the filter beds and for maintaining a standard clarity.

A method for measuring the color of potable water in terms of an easily reproducible color standard is essential to water engineers responsible for the distribution of supplies for public consumption. Color determinations are useful for detecting any irregular contamination of the supply due to natural disasters (floodwaters, earthquakes, etc.), checking the efficiency of the filter beds, of the decolorizing treatments and maintaining a standard clarity. Turbid or colored waters are unappetizing, and even slight variations in the color of the supply
result in complaints from consumers.

The "Hazen Color Standards", the color of water shall be expressed by comparison with a series of solutions containing known amounts of platinic chloride and cobalt chloride. are adopted in British Standard 2690:
1970 Part 9, British Standard 6068: 1968 Section 2.22 and International Standard ISO 2211: 1973. They are also
used for non-aqueous applications in ASTM D1209-52 and D1045-58. These Hazen Color Standards have been
matched with glass to produce permanent color standards, and discs containing nine color standards exactly
matching the Hazen standards are available for use with the Comparator 705 and 711 Nesslerizer Series.
Designed for measuring unsaturated samples that are below the sensitivity of a normal, hand-held comparator
system, the 711 Nesslerizer System employs longer pathlengths that make it possible to accurately match
samples that produce very pale colors visually. The built-in magnifying prism allows the user to easily view the glass
color disc standard and the sample to be matched side-by-side. Glass plungers eliminate distracting meniscus
curvatures. Correct lighting conditions are essential for accurate color comparison. The lighting units provide a
constant and stable light using a tungsten halogen lamp and a calibrated color temperature correction filter.
This guarantees correct lighting conditions 24 hours a day and under all ambient light conditions.

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