Color Monitor offers 22.2 in. viewable image area.

Press Release Summary:

Model T221-DG5 QUXGA-W flat panel color monitor provides 9.2 million total pixels with 204 pixel density/in., and 16.7 million colors, with 8-bit drivers. It can be attached using 1, 2, or 4 single DVI interfaces or 1 dual-link-DVI interface. Monitor offers color calibration capability, photorealistic image viewing, and multipage, same screen, and document viewing. It includes tilt screen and can be desk or wall mounted.

Original Press Release:

IBM T221-DG5 22.2-Inch QUXGA-W Flat-Panel Color Monitor

At a glance
Features of the new T221 color monitor:
o 22.2-inch viewable imaging area
o 3840 x 2400 maximum resolution
o Bright, flicker-free screen with low reflectivity
o Tilt stand
o Compatible with popular IBM and non-IBM PC and workstation system units (refer to the Compatibility section for details)

With the new T221 flat-panel monitor, you can view business-critical applications with an astounding level of clarity.

o 22.2-inch viewable image area
o 3840 x 2400 addressability (QUXGA-W)
o 9.2 million total pixels, 204 pixel density per inch (80 per cm)
o 16.7 million colors, 8-bit drivers
o Can be attached using 1, 2, or 4 single DVI interfaces, or 1 dual-link-DVI interface
o Tilt stand
o Detachable Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) standard mount size (100 mm) stand
o Available in stealth black
o Color calibration capability

o Highly detailed line drawings and models
o Multipage, same screen, document viewing
o Photorealistic image viewing
o High-resolution medical or specialist image viewing capable
o Multiple operating systems and platform attachments
o Space-saving design
o Wide-screen format
o Flexible desk or wall mounting
o Outstanding support

The highly reliable T221 monitor features a three-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Note: For copies of the IBM Statement of Limited Warranty, contact your reseller or call IBM. In the United States and Canada, call IBM at 800-IBM-SERV (426-7378). Telephone support may be subject to additional charges.

Availability date
September 2, 2003

This is a Build to Order (BTO) product. Product orders will be fulfilled within one week after receipt of order when stock is available. In case of out of stock situation, it will be eight to ten weeks after receipt of order. Individual geographies may keep a small buffer stock to satisfy small volume orders.

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