Color LCDs come with white LCD or CCFL backlighting.

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F-51373 series 1/4-VGA passive matrix STN LCD modules with 3.8 in. diagonal viewing area clearly display color graphics in various lighting conditions for hand-held applications. Three panel variations are available: transflective highly reflective, transflective highly transmissive, and transmissive. Their incorporated color filter materials are transmissive, and have high color purity as well as metallized reflection enhancement layers.

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Optrex 3.8" Diagonal 1/4-VGA Color STN LCD's Offer Superior Indoor And Outdoor Readability


Plymouth, Ml, January 2002- The F-51373 series from Optrex America is a range of small, slim and lightweight 1/4-VGA passive matrix STN LCD modules with a 3.8" diagonal viewing area that provide a clearly legible display of color graphics in all kinds of lighting conditions for a variety of hand-held applications.

With 3 panel variations available - transflective highly reflective, transflective highly transmissive and transmissive - the F-51373 Series is designed to offer the right LCD for whatever lighting conditions may exist, from indoor plant or office environments to outdoor sunlit or nighttime environments. These LCDs can provide this capability because they incorporate special color filter materials that are transmissive and have a high color purity as well as a metallized reflection enhancement layer.

The transmissive version is suitable for indoor use, whereas the transflective highly reflective panel versions are best for outdoor sunlight readability. All panel types are available with optional transparent touch screen (TTS).

All 3 panel versions of the F-51373 Series are available with either white LED or CCFL backlighting. (The CCFL backlight has an average lifetime of 50,000 hours.)

Applications include hand-held test, measurement, diagnostic and monitoring devices, wireless devices, and remote controllers. Optrex F-51373 Series passive matrix STN (super twisted nematic) LCDs provide an effective solution for small display applications where quality color display is required along with economical cost.

The F-51373 Series provides a resolution of 240xRGBx320 dot pixels and features a slim outline. Dimensions are 73.0 mm W x 96.8 mm H x 7.5 mm D (not including cable for CCFL backlit versions). These LCDs provide a high contrast ratio, vivid color (Super Twisted Nematic design), fast response time, and low power consumption.

Pricing for the F-51373 series varies according to panel type and backlighting. A CCFL-backlit transmissive LCD (P/N F-51373GNC-FW-AB) is priced at $64.00 in production quantities. Delivery is from stock. For additional pricing and delivery details, contact Optrex America.

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