Collision Warning Systems use camera and radar technology.

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Designed to alert driver if there is risk of impending collision with another vehicle or stationary object, Forward Collision Warning Systems can use audio tones, visual warnings, pulse in brake pedal, and/or jerk of seatbelt using seatbelt retractor. Camera-based FCW system uses forward-looking monocular camera with object recognition capability, mounted on windshield behind rear-view mirror, while radar-based system uses forward-looking 24 GHz radar sensor.

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TRW Automotive Offers Forward Collision Warning Systems Across a Wide Range of Vehicle Segments

LIVONIA, Mich., Oct. 16 /-- TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. (NYSE:TRW) today unveiled its range of Forward Collision Warning systems based on camera and radar technology that address a variety of customer and market requirements.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced upgrading of the U.S. NCAP program beginning in late 2009. The upgrade will include active safety technologies - Forward Collision Warning, Electronic Stability Control and Lane Departure Warning systems - which will be featured on vehicle stickers as a means to inform consumers.

TRW's forward looking camera features world class miniaturized packaging and can also provide Lane Departure Warning functionality to satisfy two NCAP requirements within one system. TRW's cost-effective radar solutions make mass market adoption of critical safety systems like Forward Collision Warning possible and the system can be easily upgraded to include Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC).

Forward Collision Warning systems are designed to alert the driver of a vehicle if there is a risk of impending collision with another vehicle or stationary object. Warning methods can include audio tones, visual warnings, a pulse in the brake pedal and/or a jerk of the seatbelt using a seatbelt retractor.

Peter Lake, executive vice president, sales & business development, said: "In a number of cases drivers do not respond at all to an impending collision, respond too late or not effectively enough. By providing earlier warning to the driver, collisions can potentially be avoided altogether or will take place with lower relative speeds, enabling the vehicle's passive safety systems to provide better passenger protection.

"TRW is offering an array of solutions to deliver Forward Collision Warning across the range of vehicle segments. Our intent is to support our customers in offering affordable intelligent safety solutions. We have a strategy of developing Cognitive Safety Systems: technologies that sense the environment and respond to help offer enhanced vehicle safety."

TRW's camera-based FCW system uses a forward-looking monocular camera with object recognition capability, mounted on the windshield behind the rear-view mirror. This is linked to a warning device which may give visual, audible or other feedback to the driver that a potential collision is imminent. TRW will develop the warning according to the vehicle manufacturers' preference.

TRW's radar-based FCW system uses a low-cost, forward-looking 24GHz radar sensor mounted according to the vehicle manufacturers' preference. The use of radar-based sensing technology provides a high-performance sensor with direct measurement of distance and relative speed. Radar is capable of operating under all weather conditions whereas camera-based FCW can be affected by low sun, heavy rain and snow.

Lake added: "TRW's FCW products provide competitive, advanced safety solutions. FCW systems are relatively simple to install in vehicles, can use a single radar or camera environmental sensor, and once networked with the vehicle bus and other vehicle sensors such as yaw rate, wheel speed, steering angle and gas pedal position can help to address a number of the common causes of the most frequent types of accidents."

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