Cole-Parmer® Digital Reversing Mixer with Remote

Modular mixer features dual functioning keypads

Vernon Hills, Ill., September 14, 2006 - Cole-Parmer introduces a unique, industry-changing overhead mixer with many exciting new features. With such innovations as a full-function remote control keypad and lockout feature, this mixer system is sure to change the way you look at mixing.

This modular unit, exclusive to Cole-Parmer, offers the option of dual keypads, one on the mixer head itself, and a remote that can be used up to six feet away. Both keypads control all mixing functions simultaneously. Use the remote to operate a mixer from even outside of a fume hood - attach controller to the hood with the use of onboard magnets.

A programmable reversing feature alters mixing direction, homogenizing materials more quickly. A timed cycle feature turns the mixer off once a programmed cycle is complete. Use both features simultaneously to reduce downtime and the need to monitor cycles.

Eliminate inadvertent changes in speed and cycle times with an easy-to-use lockout function. The integrated sample light illuminates your work even in the worst lighting conditions. All this packed into a compact and lightweight design.

For more information, contact Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, 625 East Bunker Court,Vernon Hills, IL 60061. In the U.S.A. or Canada, call toll-free 800-323-4340.
International customers, call 847-549-7600. Visit us on the Internet at

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