Cold Working Process increases tensile strength of metal parts.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring steel media mixture in high-energy vibratory machine, Vibra-Max(TM) utilizes dual drive system to introduce vibration into media to develop multi-axis coverage effect. Media is designed for process, and parts can be processed free run, fixture to machine, or fixture to earth. Designed to increase tensile strength of metal parts without distortion or changes to molecular structure of metal, process evenly compacts part surface for smooth, mirror-like finish.

Original Press Release:

Introducing "Vibra-Max(TM)" Technology

Vibra has developed a new proprietary process called "Vibra-Max(TM)" to service a wide range of industrial applications.

Vibra-Max(TM) is a cold working process using a steel media mixture in a specially designed high energy vibratory machine. The process utilizes a unique dual drive system to introduce vibration into the media developing a multi axis coverage effect. The drive system is controlled by a sophisticated electronic system for shaft synchronization. The media is designed for the process and parts can be processed free run, fixture to the machine, or fixture to earth.

The Vibra-Max(TM) process has been designed to:
  • Significantly increase the tensile strength of metal parts, without distortion or change to the molecular structure of the metal. Actual tensile increases will vary based on metal type and grade.

  • Evenly compacts the part's surface, providing a smooth mirror like finish, without surface distortion. Will significantly reduce corrosion with or without additional part surface treatments.

    The benefits will vary, depending on the application. Examples include:
  • Reduces rotary part failures and increase part cycle life
  • Prevents part crack initiation and crack propagation
  • Reduces part surface friction, increase wear resistance & load bearing properties
  • Adds strength and reduce creep in tubular products
  • The process cost is noticeably lower than tradition treatment methods

    The customer value proposition will also vary, depending on the application:
  • Increases up time and reduce maintenance time, cycles and costs
  • Reduces part failures, warranty and replacement costs
  • Reduces product costs by substituting treated lighter/lower grade materials
  • Reduces product manufacturing time and costs
  • Increases part/product performance, productivity & profitability

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