COIL & WELD Half Pipe Jackets Simultaneously in Automatic!

Carell is the exclusive distributor and support/service provider for the Newest Leading Edge Half Pipe Jacket manufacturing technology in North America. Save significant production time and manpower to uniformly form and apply high quality half pipe jackets to thermally conditioned tank shells.

Shown at the Carell booth Fabtech 2010 Show in Atlanta, for up-close inspection, Carell displayed a stainless steel tank shell with low profile half pipe jackets. This jacket was automatically formed and welded to the shell this new high tech production cell. The half pipe is formed from slit coil stock in a continuous progression. Various shapes and material gauges can be used. Coil pitch can be varied as the half pipe is applied to the tank shell. This one pass system can be designed to handle various tank diameters and lengths.

Carell specializes in premier tank production Systems and other time and labor saving machinery involved in all aspects of tank production for field or shop built tanks of all types. A Carell in-house systems expert can help to explore how this revolutionary product can make you more competitive and profitable.

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Ray Redlich, Art Manager

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