CogniVue Announces Next Generation APEX Vision Processing Core

BARCELONA, Spain - Mobile World Congress 2015: CogniVue Corporation, which licenses its automotive and consumer market proven APEX™ Image Cognition Processor (ICP) technology to semiconductor vendors, announced its next generation of APEX ICP technology with a 10x performance increase over its current APEX.  The automotive market continues to drive the need for high performance vision processing at low power.  Building on its expertise in automotive safety applications and working collaboratively with major automotive Tier-1s and OEMs, CogniVue's team has further improved APEX ICP architecture, hardware blocks and added new features for this next-gen core that provides the best performance per area per power for vision and image processing.  For instance, the next-gen APEX will enable simultaneous processing of multiple feature detectors (i.e. Canny, FAST, SIFT, SURF etc.), complex classifiers (i.e. SVM, CNN, etc.) and motion analysis (i.e. trackers, optical-flow, etc.) on multi-camera 2k video streams at a fraction of the power of competing processors.  In addition CogniVue expands on APEX scalability by enabling not only performance scalability inside APEX, but also improved multi-core processing between APEX cores.  Customers may license a range of APEX configurations to best suit their application requirements by scaling both the vector and scalar performance, and now also connect multiple APEX cores together for even higher performance. CogniVue also continues to invest in providing the most comprehensive solution with support for C/C++ language, OpenCL programming as well as the APEX Core Framework, CogniVue's powerful algorithm development tool, and the ever expanding APEX-CV kernel and value-add algorithm software libraries.  Combined together this comprehensive offering reduces time to market and development cost for CogniVue's customers.   

"Freescale's S32V234 automotive vision processor is already benefitting from the performance per power advantage of the APEX image cognition processor technology with support for OpenCL " commented Matt Johnson, Vice President and General Manager - Automotive MCU at Freescale.  "We see the need for continuous improvements in performance and expect this to continue with CogniVue's next generation APEX core."

"Neusoft has already developed ADAS applications on the existing APEX ICP core," said Prof. Huai Yuan, Director of Advanced Automotive Electronic Technology Research Center, Neusoft.  "We expect new autonomous vehicle applications will take full advantage of the additional performance per power improvement in what is already a leading vision processor technology."

"Our collaboration with CogniVue enables designers to develop their next-generation APEX-enabled SoCs in advance of silicon," said John Koeter, Vice President of Marketing for IP and Prototyping at Synopsys.  "The combination of CogniVue's APEX SystemC Model and Synopsys' leading Virtualizer™ and Virtual Development Kit (VDK) tools help customers accelerate software development of automotive and vision and imaging SoCs."

"Innovation is part of CogniVue's DNA.  CogniVue has been providing the most comprehensive open platform fully programmable purposely built embedded vision processor technology from the start." commented Simon Morris, CEO of CogniVue.  "CogniVue has been anticipating the need for higher performance per power for autonomous driving, robotics, internet-of-things and mobile devices; and our next-generation APEX ICP core technology addresses this need."

About CogniVue Corporation

CogniVue is a leading innovator in embedded vision processing, providing both semiconductor processor technology IP, tools and software that enable its customers to develop high-performance, low-power embedded vision applications for automotive, consumer and industrial markets. With its strong expertise in embedded vision and its APEX development tools, CogniVue enables developers to design innovative, previously implausible vision products like smart pens and smart back-up cameras. CogniVue is a privately held company headquartered in Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada.

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