Codonics and Omnicell Expand Partnership

Integration saves time, improves inventory management, meets labeling compliance standards and helps reduce medication errors offering benefits to anesthesia and pharmacy providers

CLEVELAND – Codonics (, a global leader in medication safety systems and image documentation solutions and Omnicell (, a leading provider of comprehensive, technologically-advanced automation solutions, is pleased to announce their state of the art integration. The Codonics® Safe Label System® (SLS), an award-winning FDA class 2 device, used in conjunction with the Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation, helps prevent medication errors, streamlines workflow by reducing redundant tasks in the operating room and procedural areas, and provides accurate inventory control and reporting for charge backs in Pharmacy, helping to improve medication safety and compliance. Attendees of the 2015 American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meetings and Exhibition who visit Codonics booth #528 will be the first to see the innovative integration.

Each year in the fast-paced environment of the OR, there is a drug administration error associated with one in every 133 anesthetics administered1. Codonics Safe Label System (SLS), used with the Omnicell Anesthesia Workstation, can help prevent drug administration errors by removing the element of human error. It uses barcode technology to provide visual and audible confirmations and eliminates mislabeling errors by providing the anesthesiologist with a Joint Commission-compliant, full-color label on demand. This label meets ISO, ASTM and American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) color guidelines and includes the drug name, concentration, preparer's initials, date and time of expiration, the diluent and dilution if required, any warnings about the drug, and a barcode that can be read into the anesthesia information management system (AIMS) or electronic health record (EHR).

Expanding Solution to Single Sign on, Single Scan

The integration works with a single log in by biometric ID or other methods at the Anesthesia Workstation, which simultaneously provides access to the Safe Label System. A single scan of a vial or ampoule on SLS seamlessly sends the information to the Anesthesia Workstation, adds that medication to the issued items list, captures the appropriate patient charge and provides a fully compliant, ready-to-apply label. Logging out of Anesthesia Workstation also logs the user out of both systems saving time for the anesthesia provider and improving compliance by allowing only the clinician who is logged in to prepare medications. Integration also offers accurate reporting by ensuring the preparer's initials are correctly identified on the prepared medication.

After scanning a vial or ampoule on SLS, the information is sent to the Anesthesia Workstation, which adds that medication to the removed items list and captures the appropriate patient charge.

Benefits to pharmacy:

Eliminate potential stock-outs during procedures by improving removed item tracking

Identify medications via a single scan on SLS and track inventory used in the Anesthesia Workstation, allowing pharmacy oversight where on-demand medications are prepared, and

Ensure accurate inventory control and reporting for charge backs

"We are excited to expand our partnership with Omnicell to enhance medication safety," said Peter O. Botten, president and CEO of Codonics. "Together, these two market-leading solutions are assuring best practices by providing faster system access, improving inventory management, assuring labeling compliance and, most importantly, increasing medication safety wherever on-demand medications are prepared."

"We are pleased to partner with Codonics to provide an interoperable solution for clinicians in the OR and procedural areas. We share common goals to develop solutions that help improve medication efficiency and enhance patient safety which has resulted in an innovation our customers are benefiting from now," said Jorge Taborga, executive vice president, Engineering at Omnicell.

About Codonics

Codonics is a global business and provides the medical industry with the most advanced patient safety and medical imaging products in the world from our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Since 1982, Codonics has experienced exciting growth and award-winning achievements. Today, we are represented in 110 countries with more than 30,000 product installations in renowned, cutting-edge medical facilities throughout the world. To learn more about Codonics, visit

About Omnicell

Since 1992, Omnicell has been creating new efficiencies to improve patient care, anywhere it is delivered. Omnicell is a leading supplier of comprehensive automation and business analytics software for patient-centric medication and supply management across the entire health care continuum—from the acute care hospital setting to post-acute skilled nursing and long-term care facilities to the home.

More than 3,000 customers worldwide have utilized Omnicell Automation and Analytics solutions to increase operational efficiency, reduce errors, deliver actionable intelligence and improve patient safety. Omnicell Medication Adherence solutions, including its MTS Medication Technologies brand, provide innovative medication adherence packaging solutions to help reduce costly hospital readmissions. In addition, these solutions enable approximately 6,000 institutional and retail pharmacies worldwide to maintain high accuracy and quality standards in medication dispensing and administration while optimizing productivity and controlling costs. For more information about Omnicell, Inc. please visit

1 Webster CS, Merry AF, Larson L., et al. The frequency and nature of drug administration errors during anesthesia. Anesthesia Intensive Care.

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