Coaxial Connectors feature quick-locking design.

Press Release Summary:

Offering alternative to SMA connectors, QLS Series enables connection without need for tooling. Locking mechanism ensures high butt contact force on outer conductor, which is normally only achieved with threaded coupling mechanism. Rated for greater than 200 mating cycles, connectors feature insertion force of 30 N and interface contact force greater than 200 N. With working voltage less than 500 V/50 Hz, units operate up to 6 GHz, or 18 GHz if attached to semi-rigid cable.

Original Press Release:

Telegartner Introduces a New Series of QLS Quick-Locking Coaxial Connectors

Telegartner introduces a new QLS series of Quick-Locking Coaxial Connectors.

Telegartner's QLS (Quick-Locking Standard) is a secure and reliable alternative to standard SMA connectors. The patented locking mechanism of the QLS series gives it the distinct advantage of allowing a time saving connection without the need for any tooling. This locking mechanism also guarantees an extremely high butt contact force on the outer conductor which is normally only achieved with a threaded coupling mechanism. This high contact force results in excellent coupling reliability, even under mechanical stress such as vibration or the pulling of the attached coaxial cable. The QLS connectors are 100% compatible with QMA connectors.

Mechanical Characteristics:
Durability (Mating Cycles) >200
Insertion Force 30 N typical
Withdrawal Force 20 N typical
Interface Contact Force > 200 N
Materials (Outer Conductor) CuZn39Pb3
(Pin Contact) CuZn39Pb3
(Socket Contact) CuBe2
(Spring Basket) Stainless Steel
(Insulator) PTFE
(Crimp Ferrule) Cu / CuZn39Pb3
Finish (Inner Conductor) Au
(Outer Conductor) Au or CuSnZn3 (Telealloy)
(Other Metal Parts) Au or CuSnZn3 (Telealloy)
(Spring Contact) Passivated

Electrical Characteristics:
Contact Resistance (Inner Conductor) < 3 mOhm
(Outer Conductor) < 2.5 mOhm
Insulation Resistance < 5 GOhm
Voltage Proof 1.5 kVeff / 50 Hz
Impedence 50 Ohm
Working Voltage < 500Veff / 50 Hz
Frequency Range up to 6 GHz (18 GHz*)

* if attached to a semi-rigid cable

Climatic Characteristics
Climatic Category acc. to IEC 68-1 40 / 85 / 21

Advantages QLS Series over the QMA Series
Higher contact force (QLS: 200 N; QMA: 60 N)
Better electrical characteristics (intermodulation, return loss contact reliability)
Higher mating cycles (QLS: 200; QMA: 100)
Accidental disconnection by pulling on the attached cable is practically impossible)

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