Coating provides 300% increase in tool life.

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PVD Coating consists of thick layer of titanium aluminium nitride topped by thin layer of titanium nitride, offering wear resistance and low stress state. CP200 coated grade machines variety of stainless steels and powder metallurgical materials. CP500, with high cobalt micrograin substrate, is complemented by PVD coating for threading, grooving and turning high temperature alloys. CP600 has micrograin substrate for wear and deformation resistance.

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Carboloy Introduces Innovative New PVD Coating Technology

Warren, Mich., June 11, 2002 - Carboloy Inc., a part of Seco Tools AB, has introduced a significant innovation in PVD coating technology. The coating, a thick layer of titanium aluminum nitride topped by a thin layer of titanium nitride, offers greater speed capability and wear resistance as well as a low stress state and less built-up edge for better surface finishes.
Ideal for machining high temperature alloys, titanium base alloys, and stainless steels; extensive testing of the new coating has shown as much as a 300 percent increase in tool life and up to a 30 percent increase in cutting speed versus traditional PVD coated grades.

Designed to complement a wide range of Seco-Carboloy grades, the new PVD coating raises users up to a higher level of performance. CP200, used widely in the aerospace and medical industries, machines a variety of stainless steels and powder metallurgical materials that require long tool life at medium to low speeds. Its 6 percent cobalt micrograin alloy substrate makes it the hardest and most wear-resistant of all the Seco-Carboloy PVD coated grades. And, the new coating combined with the proven Grade 883 substrate, makes CP 250 an ideal grade for many traditional high temperature applications, effectively handling roughing to semi-finishing operations.

CP500, with its high cobalt micrograin substrate, is complemented by the new PVD coating for threading, grooving and turning high temperature alloys. It is perfect for applications
involving heavy interruptions, stainless applications when time in cut is relatively short and in titanium applications requiring a good combination of toughness and wear-resistance.

CP300, for threading steel and stainless steel, also offers wear-resistance in addition to higher cutting speeds. CP600, the toughest of all Seco-Carboloy's PVD coated grades has a micrograin substrate for good wear and deformation resistance. Its high cobalt content gives it outstanding toughness and chippage resistance. CP600 is available in Multi-Directional
Turning (MDT) inserts and the 150.10 inserts used for cutoff and disc milling.

Carboloy Inc., is part of the Seco Tools AB worldwide organization and a manufacturer of Seco-Carboloy carbide tooling and related products, systems and services. The company commands a respected position in the U.S. metalworking industry through its dedication to quality, advanced technology, and excellence in customer service. Carboloy markets its full range of cutting tools and related accessories through a network of over 400 authorized distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

More information can be obtained by contacting Carboloy Inc., 11177 East Eight Mile Road, Warren, Mich. 48089. Tel: 800-832-8326. Product information is available in PDF format literature at In addition, the website offers a company profile, distributor locations, technical service information and contact information.

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