Coating protects freezer boards against moisture.

Press Release Summary:

Water-resistive, Wasser-Stat 730 is applied using conventional coating apparatus and offers fast drying capability. Product acts as film former, is useful for freezer-board applications, and is repulpable under alkali repulping processes. Application of 3-5 lb of dry-coat weight per ream is recommended.

Original Press Release:

Water-Resistive Coating

Northvale, NJ-Company offers an upgraded water-resistive coating, Wasser-Stat 730, that performs as an excellent aqueous overcoat providing maximum protection against moisture, especially useful for freezer board applications. The product is also a superior film former and is repulpable under conventional alkali repulping processes.

Wasser-Stat 730 can be applied using conventional coating apparatus and its fast drying capability allows for excellent production speeds working with convection air over dryers. The manufacturer recommends application coat weights of 3 to 5 pounds of dry coat weight per ream (3,000 lbs.).

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