Coating lines potable water tanks and pipes.

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Zero-VOC polyurethane coating, CHEMTHANE 4200PW, can be spray-applied in single coat directly to prepared steel, iron, or concrete substrate without any primers. Since product contains no solvents, there is no taste or odor transferred into water. With 1:1 plural component mix ratio, users can achieve film build of 15-70+ mils in single pass application. Coating features cure-to-touch time of 6-8 min as well as resistance to thermal shock damage.

Original Press Release:

New Direct-to-Metal Lining is a 'Truly Tasteless' Coating for Potable Water Pipes

St. Louis, MO -- Chemline Incorporated (, the emerging leader in manufacturing polymer coating/resin systems, today announced the immediate availability of its latest spray-applied coatings specifically engineered for lining potable water tank and pipe applications. The new 100% solids, (Zero VOC) fast cure coating, CHEMTHANE 4200PW, can be applied in a single coat directly to a prepared steel, iron or concrete substrate. No primers are necessary.

The new CHEMTHANE 4200PW contains no solvents. This means there will be no taste or odor from solvents transferred into the water. This is a common problem with other solvent-based coatings," commented Alan Cain, Polymer Chemist for Chemline Incorporated.

According to information supplied by the manufacturer: "CHEMTHANE 4200PW is a 100% solids (zero V.O.C.) aromatic polyurethane that is ideal for immersion service in potable water applications."

Application has been made easy with a convenient 1:1 plural component mix ratio. Plus, CHEMTHANE 42000PW allows applicators to achieve film build of between 15-70+ mils in a single pass application. According to Mr. Cain: "At this thickness, the cured film of CHEMTHANE 4200PW will provide permanent and fully effective corrosion protection for many years."

CHEMTHANE 4200PW also features a fast "cure-to-the-touch" time of 6-8 minutes. This is a dramatic improvement over cure times of conventional coal-tar epoxy.

The manufacturer also claims that the product provides a tough, flexible membrane for concrete tanks -- where hairline cracks can be easily bridged. It's also said to possess excellent resistance to thermal shock damage, as well as having high flexibility and elongation properties. CHEMTHANE 4200PW can also be used in saltwater and wastewater immersion service.

Finally, the manufacturer pointed out, CHEMTHANE 4200PW has a wide range of certification including UL 1746 Parts I, II and IV for use as a lining in potable water tanks.

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