Coating Company Reduces Emissions and Operating Costs

The Coated Products Division of Brady Corporation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has purchased its' third oxidizer system from Anguil Environmental Systems, also a Milwaukee based company. Brady Corp. has long been committed to pollution prevention and emission reduction programs but the coating facility has implemented a new initiative, energy-efficient emission control. By teaming with Anguil, a manufacturer with over 1,600 installations, they have been able to meet Environmental Protection Agency standards, increase production and dramatically reduce their energy consumption by replacing older air pollution control devices with new oxidizer technologies. The three Anguil oxidizer systems are handling over 105,000 SCFM of process air and reaching destruction rates over 99%.

The impact of everyone's efforts at Brady and Anguil has exceeded expectations for reliability and efficiency. Gas usage on Brady's three coating lines (in therms per coating hour) have continued to drop at a steady rate. At a time when gas prices continue to trend high coupled with increases in production the reduction in energy consumption drops straight to Brady's bottom line.

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