Coated Suction Cups expand freezer merchandizing opportunities.

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Displayloc™ suction cups, when coated with Tundra™, create new frozen display retail space in convenience and grocery stores. Tundra coating ensures strong grip at 32° and below, allowing screw-on suction cups to hold up to 50 lb in coolers and freezers. Application of Tundra turns Displayloc cups pink to demonstrate freezer readiness, and suction cup knob accepts various signage on post and front panel.

Original Press Release:

iSEE Store Innovations Introduces Tundra(TM) for Suction Cups in Frozen Environments

ST. LOUIS--iSEE Store Innovations, a global design and manufacturing company of merchandising display solutions, today announces the launch of Tundra™, the company’s new proprietary coating for use with suction cups in frozen environments. Tundra can be applied to the company’s patent-pending suction cup design known as Displayloc™ to offer new frozen display retail space in convenience and grocery stores.

“Many suction cups fail in extreme cold due to the vacuum seal losing strength with a cold surface and condensation,” said Steve Brenner, Chief Creative Officer, iSEE Store Innovations. “We’ve created the first and only reliable suction cup marketed for inside the freezer space and are excited about opening up a whole new territory for merchandising.”

Tundra is made with a proprietary coating to ensure a strong grip at 32 degrees and under. Once Displayloc suction cups are coated with Tundra, the clear suction cups turn pink to demonstrate they are freezer-ready. The Displayloc screw-on suction cup was designed to hold up to fifty pounds in coolers and freezers and has a knob that accepts various signage on the post and front panel.

iSEE Store Innovations has already designed and brought to market numerous Displayloc suction cup display and accessory systems to carry a variety of product types on glass-smooth surfaces. With the application of Tundra, the company’s existing Apex, Sherpa and K2 display and accessory systems can now be used in frozen environments.

Tundra has multiple uses for unexplored retail space, from new primary package changes and configurations to promoting special event packaging on glass, showcasing new flavors, high-end and craft product on the shelf, all while adding extra shelf space to a retailer’s glass door.

“This is about opening up frozen space in grocery and convenience stores and generating a new, positive shopping experience,” continued Brenner. “Tundra is taking frozen territory to a new level.”

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iSEE Store Innovations is a global design and manufacturing team that loves to solve white space challenges. The company uses its 3D innovation funnel to Discover, Design and Deliver in-store solutions that drive results for brands and retailers. iSEE was founded in 2010 and started with the premise that innovating solutions for the challenging c-store channel ultimately delivers the best solutions for all channels. For more information, go to

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