Coated Inserts are suited for use with high-temp alloys.

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PVD-coated insert grades KC5510 and KC5525 enable cutting speeds of 300-400 surface feet per minute (sfm) on Inconel 718. Grade KC5510 is fine-grained tungsten carbide with substrate that has 6% cobalt for deformation resistance, while KC5525 has 10% cobalt fine-grain tungsten carbide substrate for added security in interrupted cuts. Available in square; 35°, 55°, and 80° diamond; and trigon styles, insert sizes range from 3/8-3/4 in. inscribed circle.

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New Kennametal Coated Inserts Double Productivity on High-Temp Alloys

(Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA) -- Kennametal has introduced two new coated insert grades, KC5510 and KC5525, which can double productivity in turning of high-temperature alloys by machining at twice the speed of the best existing competitive materials. Because of the high tensile strength of high-temperature alloys, machining speeds with conventional coated and uncoated grades are normally limited to the range of 100 to 200 surface feet per minute (sfm) on Inconel 718, one of the most common high-temp materials. The new Kennametal grades enable an increase in cutting speeds to 300 to 400-sfm. To reach this goal, the new grades use a comprehensive surface engineering approach along with an optimized cutting edge and advanced PVD coating for better resistance to the high temperatures generated when machining these materials. "Grades KC5510 and KC5525 provide a dramatic improvement in performance over existing competitive materials," said Rich Denton, Senior Product Manager, Turning Inserts, for Kennametal. "For example, when testing grade KC5510 against four competitive grades and our own PVD offering, grade KC5510 provided more than three times the tool life of any other grade machining Inconel 718 at 300 sfm, 0.005 inches per revolution (ipr), and 0.010 inch depth of cut." Grade KC5510 is an advanced PVD coated fine-grained tungsten carbide specifically designed for machining high-temperature alloys. Its substrate has 6% cobalt for excellent toughness and deformation resistance. Grade KC5525 combines the same advanced surface technology as grade KC5510 with a 10% cobalt fine-grain tungsten carbide substrate. The higher cobalt content provides added security in interrupted cuts while maintaining deformation resistance. "Ceramics such as our Kyon 2100 and Kyon 1540 are excellent choices for finishing to roughing cuts at even higher speeds. These grades are typically used on high-temp alloy parts with heavier cross-sections. " Denton said. "On the other hand, grades KC5510 and KC5525 are perfect for cuts with smaller cross-sections because they minimize distortion of the part, and provide a better surface finish." It is possible to run these new grades at traditional cutting speeds in order to obtain substantial tool life improvements. However, much greater cost savings can be achieved by increasing the cutting speed, typically to about twice the current level, in order to reduce cycle time and achieve significant savings on labor and machine overhead expense per part produced. The new grades are available in five different styles, square, 35-degree diamond, 55-degree diamond, 80-degree diamond, and trigon. They are offered in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to 3/4 inch inscribed circle and fit toolholders using the Kenloc lock-pin system. For best performance, we recommend using our new Kenclamp single screw clamp toolholder system, which provides for quick indexing and added security. Kennametal has also developed two new chip control geometries, GG-FS and MG-MS, for machining high-temp alloys with these new grades. The GG-FS geometry is precision ground for optimal performance in finishing cuts where low forces are needed and dimensional control is critical. The MG-MS geometry is designed for medium cuts and is precision-molded for added economy. Both geometries use high positive rake angles. The MG-RP geometry rounds out the offering for heavy cuts in stable workpieces. To optimize production and to get up and running quickly, use Kennametal's KENNA PERFECT selection system to choose the best cutting tool and machining conditions based on your workpiece material. The KENNA PERFECT system is described in detail in Kennametal's new "High Temperature Alloy Turning Guide" aimed at providing the most accurate recommendations. This new publication helps customers enhance their productivity on even the most difficult to machine materials. To receive your copy, call 1-800-446-7783 and ask for publication A03-65. For more details on the KC5510 and KC5525 grades and other Kennametal products, please call 800-446-7738 or visit

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