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CO2 Sensor provides errorless measurement and diagnostics.

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Dec 11, 2012 - Fully sterilizable in-place and autoclavable in-line CO2 sensor, InPro 5000i combines determination of dissolved CO2 with performance benefits of Intelligent Sensor Management. While class N5 surface and EHEDG certification lends to compliance with hygienic requirements, membrane provides barrier against volatile organic acids for error-free measurement. Other features include modular design, predictive diagnostics, sensor de-activation, and eDocumentation.

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Mettler Toledo's CO2 Sensor Improves Productivity

Press release date: Dec 04, 2012

A new CO2 sensor combines precise and reliable determination of dissolved CO2, with the performance benefits of Intelligent Sensor Management. Errorless measurement and diagnostics that predict when maintenance will be required are just a few of the benefits.

In striving to achieve the goals of PAT and QbD, in-line monitoring and subsequent control of CO2, pH and temperature during fermentation processes can be of great value. Furthermore, analytical measurements are of enormous benefit in yield optimization and product quality assurance.

Real-time, in-situ monitoring of the dissolved CO2 levels in the fermentation medium allows timely actions for maintaining ideal process conditions. CO2 measurement with the same family of sensors permits faster scale-up during process development, and quicker time to market for new products.

CO2 sensor specifically for biopharma
The new InPro 5000i is a fully sterilizable in-place and autoclavable in-line CO2 sensor. It features a class N5 surface and EHEDG certification for compliance with hygienic requirements. The sensor’s membrane provides an excellent barrier against volatile organic acids, ensuring errorless measurement.

Easy installation and maintenance
For measurement accuracy where it matters most, the InPro 5000i CO2 sensor is designed for direct mounting into fermenters. Its modular design makes maintenance and spare part replacement fast and convenient. The ideal housing for the sensor is the retractable InTrac 797 as its integrated flushing chamber allows easy sensor calibration and cleaning, even during a running fermentation.

Intelligent sensors offer a host of benefits
The InPro 5000i is the latest member of METTLER TOLEDO’s Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) family of sensors and transmitters. Benefits of ISM include:
• Predictive diagnostics:
  Determine whether a sensor can be safely used for the next fermentation run.
• Sensor de-activation:
  Prevents a failed sensor being used at the measurement point.
• eDocumentation:
  Provides full traceability of sensor calibration and maintenance.
• Digital sensor to transmitter signal:
  Measurement data is unaffected by cable length, interference or moisture in the environment.

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