CO2 Laser Marker delivers precision operation.

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Employing galvanometer scanner system and 10/20/30 W laser with 10.6 or 9.3 µm wavelength, LP-400 series can perform precision marking, on-the-fly, at speeds exceeding 700 characters/sec. Scan head - vertical or horizontal - rotates freely through 350° of motion. In addition to Laser Marker NAVI software, solution allows use of mouse and VGA monitor or touch-screen handheld unit interfaced directly with laser controller for system configuration, message generation, and system control.

Original Press Release:

New Laser Markers - Show Products at PACK EXPO 2008 (Panasonic Electric Works, E-7906)

New Providence, NJ - Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America (booth#E-7906) will show live demonstrations of high-speed, high-performance laser marking with Panasonic's SUNX brand of laser marking systems including the LP-400 series (CO2 type) at PACK EXPO 2008. Our latest conceptual models will also make their world debut during the show.

The key features of the LP-400 series are as follows:

High-speed Marking: Featuring SUNX's proprietary, high-performance galvanometer scanner system and related technologies, the SUNX LP-400 series can mark on-the-fly at very high speed. The LP-400 series achieves marking speeds exceeding 700 characters per second while still maintaining precise and accurate character formation.

Compact and Versatile Design: Our unique scan head design rotates freely through 350 degrees of motion. The tower version laser head measures merely 24.2" L x 7.5"W x 9"H (670mm x 190mm x 230mm). All power classes (10, 20 and 30-watts) share identical dimensions,. This compact and versatile design allows the system to fit into a variety of production environments and product handling systems.

Easy-to-use Software: The LP-400 series comes standard with our Windows XP®-based application software, Laser Marker NAVI. Its simple, intuitive, interface makes every step of configuration process easier than ever. The LP-400 series also allows the use of a standard mouse and VGA monitor or our touch-screen handheld unit interfaced directly with the laser controller for system configuration, message generation and system control.

Extensive Lineup for every possible packaging application:
The LP-400 series comes in three laser output levels (30W, 20W, 10W) and two laser wavelengths (10.6µm, 9.3µm) to accommodate a wide variety of consumer package marking applications. Also, the LP-400 series comes in both vertical laser head type (tower) and horizontal laser head (standard) configurations with three marking areas ranging from 55mm x 55mm (2.2in x 2.2in) to 160mm x 160mm (6.3inx 6.3in)

The LP-400 series excels at applications beyond marking and coding including scoring thin films and laminated pouches. Our newest model with even wider marking area is available for custom projects. SUNX Laser Markers are an ideal replacement for messy inkjet printers or less productive laser markers, eliminating ink waste and downtime for maintenance and/or requiring fewer marking machines while increasing productivity.

About Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America
Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America is a US subsidiary of Panasonic Electric Works, Ltd, (formerly Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd.) an $11 billion company and major developer, manufacturer and provider of electrical construction, materials, home appliances, residential building materials, automation control products, wiring devices and electronic materials. SUNX is the brand of industrial sensors and laser markers from SUNX, Ltd, a major affiliated company of Panasonic Electric Works. SUNX brand products have been sold through the sales network of Automation Control Systems Division of Panasonic Electric Works for Americas since 2001.

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