CO2 Laser Cutting Systems target heavy plate fabrication.

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Able to accommodate up to 16 sheets of 3 x 1.5 m material, Impuls 6530, 8030, and 12530 let user load/unload one table while machine processes parts on another. Systems, able to process flat plate up to 25 mm mild steel, 15 mm aluminum, and 20 mm stainless steel, provide programmable Z-axis with travel up to 280 mm. Impuls 6530 handles workpieces to 256 x 120 in, 8030 accommodates sheets to 315 x 120 in., and 12530 has 492 x 120 in. work area.

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Strippit/LVD Expands Line of Impuls Laser Cutting Systems

New Impuls Models Address Heavy Plate Fabrication Requirements with Large Table Capacity, Multiple Workpiece Handling

Akron, New York-Strippit/LVD has expanded its Impuls line of CO2 laser cutting systems to include three new models-Impuls 6530, Impuls 8030, and Impuls 12530. These high performance Impuls systems feature a large table capacity of 3 meters and can handle multiple sheets, providing increased capacity and productivity for heavy plate fabrication. The new Impuls models are uniquely designed for heavy plate cutting and provide the largest sheet carrying capacity in the industry.

Strippit/LVD's Impuls 6530 handles workpieces up to 6.5 x 3 meters (256" x 120"). The Impuls 8030 accommodates sheets up to 8 x 3 meters (315" x 120"). The Impuls 12530-the largest of the Impuls machines-features a work area of 12.5 x 3 meters (492" x 120").

These large table lasers can accommodate multiple sheets, up to 16 sheets of 3 x 1.5 meter material for processing. The ability to load multiple workpieces increases cutting time and reduces time spent handling material. Using larger material sizes also improves sheets utilization and nesting efficiency.

Impuls laser cutting systems permit the user to load/unload one table while the machine processes parts on the other table. Impuls laser systems process flat plate up to 25 mm mild steel, 15 mm aluminum, and 20 mm stainless steel. The machines also provide a fully programmable Z-axis with travel up to 280 mm for use with a rotary axis and for processing pre-formed parts.

A constant beam length axis assists in achieving optimum cutting results. A system of mirrors is utilized to keep the optical length-and therefore the laser beam diameter-constant. This ensures consistent edge quality throughout the complete work envelope, irrespective of the position of the cutting head on the table.

An optional plasma detection feature provides optimal control of the cutting process. The plasma detection system recognizes when cutting deteriorates and automatically adjusts to permit uninterrupted, unmanned operation even when processing thick stainless steel or aluminum.

All Impuls lasers are equipped with an advanced, fully integrated GE Fanuc control and laser package, giving the user full control over the cutting process with the most reliable laser technology. GE Fanuc is the world's largest manufacturer of CO2 laser resonators, controls and motors. The complete integration of the laser source, CNC control, AC digital motors and amplifiers offers a high degree of reliability, as well as superior processing speed.

Strippit/LVD's Impuls laser systems are now available with the GE Fanuc 6 kW laser resonator for increased cutting power, particularly when processing thick materials.

The 6 kW resonator features a new Cylcone Cleaner Unit used to separate dust arid laser gas by centrifugal force, keeping laser glass clean. The Cyclone Cleaner unit collects 80 percent or more dust and prevents it from adhering to the mirror, reducing contamination of resonator mirrors and minimizing cleaning requirements.

In addition, highly accurate nano machining of the resonator mirror bases reduces deformation of mirror surfaces and minimizes adjustments required after the mirror is cleaned or exchanged.

The 6 kW resonator also features the latest radio frequency excitation technology for high reliability.

Impuls systems address the needs of fabricated plate work, steel service centers, construction machinery, agricultural equipment, hoists, cranes and monorails, as well as other industries that require heavy fabrication.

The combination of high accuracy, large table laser cutting systems and high tonnage custom press brakes is Strippit/LVD's solution for heavy plate fabrication. The accuracy of cut parts ensures the success of secondary bending and assembly operations. Heavy plate fabricators using high strength alloy materials require higher tonnage press brakes with the ability to produce parts with accurate first time bends. Programmable gauges and material handling equipment add to the overall efficiency of the press brake, reducing operator fatigue and improving safety.

Strippit/LVD is a leading manufacturer of metalforming equipment, including laser cutting machines, CNC turret punch presses, flexible fabricating systems, press brakes, shears, and programming software.

For more information, contact Strippit, Inc., 12975 Clarence Center Road, Akron, NY 14001, call toll free 1 -800-828-1527, or visit

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