CO2 Lasers provide flexible integration/mounting options.

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Designed for integration into all types of OEM system configurations, CO2 lasers are available with air or water cooling options. Products include 75 W laser as well as Class IV versions, all with built-in RF power supplies and multiple mounting provisions. Manufactured with Free Space Gas Slab Laser Technology(TM) for optimal beam quality in near and far fields, lasers fit into manufacturing lines, robotics systems, and CNC machines.

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Universal Laser Systems Introduces a New Line of Flexible OEM Lasers

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - (June 21, 2005) Universal Laser Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of CO2 lasers for the OEM market. Unveiled to an international audience at Laser 2005 in Munich, the new lasers are optimized for easy and convenient integration into all types of OEM system configurations.

Covering a wide range of power levels, including a new 75-watt laser, the new CO2 lasers have air cooling or water cooling options. Class IV versions are available for research facilities and universities. Like Universal's other lasers, the new lasers have built-in RF power supplies and are manufactured with patented Free Space Gas Slab Laser Technology(TM) for excellent beam quality in both the near and far fields. Since 1997, Universal has been awarded multiple patents for laser innovation by the U.S. Patent Office.

According to Kurt Kaashoek, OEM Sales Manager at Universal, "Feedback from customers indicated that versatility was important, so we designed these new lasers to be flexible for integration into every kind of OEM system configuration." Kaashoek continues, "With multiple mounting provisions, our new lasers will fit into most manufacturing lines, robotics systems, CNC machines, etc. We kept the form factor similar to the existing product line for compatibility with current OEM systems and designs."

Universal Laser Systems, Inc. offers extensive engineering assistance to help customers with integration into OEM equipment, as well as a generous laser evaluation program. For more information on Universal's new line of lasers, call 1-800-859-7033 or visit

Cherie White, Marketing Manager
Universal Laser Systems, Inc.
16008 N. 81st Street
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