CNTX Contrast Sensor Detect Even the Smallest Contrasts at the Highest Speeds

How It Works

  • Detect differences between 2 colors by measuring the amount of reflected light by the target
  • A threshold level triggers an output indicating presence of desired color
  • Identify the slightest variation between the mark and the background on matte, shiny or transparent surfaces

Precise, Fast, Reliable

A small 3mm spot size and 25-microsecond response time increases process throughput

Convenient Integration

In one sensor you get both analog and a discrete output, auto-detect for PNP/NPN configuration

Versatile Set-Up & Use

The CNTX provides user set-up parameters including:

  • calibration & light source
  • intensity adjustment
  • operator adjustable threshold
  • easy to use gain selection

Accurate detection in applications

  • plastic & metal color contras
  • assembly & packaging QC
  • registration & date code confirmation

High-speed contrast differentiation of both neutral and color targets LEARN MORE:


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