CNCs suit common to complex applications.

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PC-based Axium Power CNCs include wide range of digital drives and motors. ARS (Advanced Resonance Suppression) provides intelligent compensation for imperfections in stiffness and elasticity of machine by increasing feedback loop gain. Power panel runs under Windows(TM) 2000. Remote diagnostic, unattended CNC system back-up, or fully remote system operation is possible via Ethernet connection options and TCP-IP connection software.

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NUM's Axium CNC Power Systems Offer Innovative, Scalable, and Open Solutions for Simple to Complex Applications

Chicago, June 10, 2002

The NUM Corporation recently introduced its Axium Power CNC, a complete line of PC-based CNC systems that includes a wide range of digital drives and motors. This innovative, scalable and open family is suitable for all applications, from the most common to the most complex, in the field of metalworking, including grinding, cutting, and shaping, as well as for woodworking.

Axium Power CNCs include ARS (Advanced Resonance Suppression), representing real progress for feedback systems. It provides intelligent compensation for imperfections in the stiffness and elasticity of a machine by substantially increasing feedback loop gain without making the system unstable, even for critical axes, by eliminating oscillations. This leads to exceptionally fast reactions and a remarkable improvement in response time. The combination of ARS and smooth interpolation, on the order of a few nanometers, gives the machine a precision and responsiveness that were heretofore mutually exclusive.

With this technology, OEMs have the ability to create an optimal machine control system. The best processor for each application can be selected, as well as options selectable in application-specific packs (turning, milling, etc.) or individually. This simplifies and optimizes custom configurations. Each manufacturer can use or adapt the NUM HMI or develop an interface using such standard tools as HTML, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C, or C++ editor. Similarly, dynamic operators in C can be used to create customized interpolation algorithms, thereby closely tailoring the CNC to the machine.

The Axium Power panel is built from an industrial PC running under Windows(TM) 2000 and a screen surrounded by function keys, with the MMI server also supporting the use of a touch screen. All the software tools (machine parameter optimization, writing of PLC programs, etc.) which have given NUM a reputation for user-friendliness are available. Access to NUM's and/or the manufacturer's programs can be protected, while programming is enhanced by the possibility of installing CAD/CAM programs.

NUM's CNC comes with a complete line of digital drives. These meet the requirements of both conventional and high performance applications such as HSC, taking features of the metalworking and woodworking markets into account.

Versatility is very much a strong point in this line of drives which are designed for synchronous and asynchronous motors and can be used for axes or spindles. The most performing versions support almost all encoders and can be used in conjunction with the main linear motors and torque motors available on the market, in addition to NUM motors. The anti-backlash function improves machine stiffness much more efficiently and economically than a mechanical preloading device, while the anti-pitch function for milling guarantees flawless surface condition of round parts.

Certain models include a modular control system (motor encoder inputs, digital or analog I/O), giving full flexibility to the user for meeting current and future needs. Settings are stored in a memory card with backup, facilitating and decreasing installation and maintenance times in case of repetitive production runs or breakdowns.

Remote diagnostic, unattended CNC system back-up or fully remote system operation is possible via Ethernet connection options and TCP-IP connection software.

NUM Corporation is the U.S. arm of an international company with nearly forty years of experience in CNCs. It specializes in the field of automating machine tools and special machinery in a variety of industries, including the processing of metal, wood, plastics, and stone. NUM's focus today is on providing complete solutions to meet the needs of its customers, including CNCs and drives, as well as supplying advice and expertise.

A subsidiary of Schneider Electric, NUM is now the group's expert for path control. It has three European production facilities, eight sales subsidiaries, and thirty-five service centers, with over 500 employees worldwide.

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