CNC Turning produces precision-machined, round components.

Press Release Summary:

CNC turning, made possible via Leadwell LTC-20BM lathe, can produce components up to 6 in. dia and 12 in. long with tolerances up to ±.001 and tighter. Lathe turns up to 4,500 rpm, accelerating parts production for those who need cylindrical parts — shafts, bushings, sleeves, as well as electronic and aircraft parts — of steel, stainless, aluminum, and plastic. Service suits military/defense, dental, medical, electronic, and telecommunication industries.

Original Press Release:

H&S Manufacturing in Rowlett, Texas Announces New CNC Lathe Capabilities

H &S Manufacturing, a precision manufacturer since 1968 in North Texas who specializes in custom sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, custom box builds, mechanical assemblies, and electro-mechanical assemblies, announces the addition of a new lathe that will allow it to add CNC turning to an extensive list of capabilities .

Now, H&S  will be able to offer a wide range of precision-machined round components up to 6” in diameter and up to 12” in length with tolerances up to +/-.001 and tighter.  Being able to offer in-house turning to those clients who need cylindrical parts of steel, stainless, aluminum, and plastic such as shafts, bushings, sleeves, electronic and aircraft parts will provide a significant cost-savings.

The new Leadwell LTC-20BM turns up to 4,500 RPM to product parts faster and at a lower cost. This will be an especially significant advantage to the military and defense, dental and medical, as well as electronic and telecommunication industries.

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