CNC Turning Center offers off-center Y-axis cutting.

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Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY employs 35, 10, and 7.5 hp spindles with respective 4,000, 6,000, and 4,500 rpm max speeds. Rotary and turning tools can be mounted at any position of 12-station drum turret, and workpiece can be automatically oriented in phase. Features include quick-change toolholders, Fusion 640T Nexus CNC, and automatic tool presetting arm. X-, Y-, and Z-axis traverse rates are 1,181, 826, and 1,299 ipm respectively.

Original Press Release:

Off-Center Y-Axis Cutting Comes to Mazak's Successful Nexus Line With the Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY

The overwhelming response to the Nexus line of CNC turning centers and vertical machining centers by manufacturing customers continues to confirm it as the right response to an economy where manufacturers must have increased machine productivity and reliability through advanced technologies at a reasonable cost.

Now Y-axis cutting has been added for complete multi-tasking machining operations on a Nexus CNC turning center with the introduction of the Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY.

With advanced integral spindle/motor technology, spindle output on the new Quick Turn Nexus 250MSY is 18% higher (35 Hp, 4,000 rpm) on the main turning spindle (10-inch chuck) for heavy-duty metal removal and high-speed cutting of aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. The second spindle has a 6-inch chuck size, 10-Hp output, and 6,000-rpm maximum spindle speed. The additional rotary tool spindle for milling has 7.5 Hp output and 4,500-rpm maximum speed (with 6,000 rpm optional). Rotary tools and turning tools alike can be mounted at any position of the 12-station drum turret, and quick-change toolholders can be loaded or unloaded with a single turn of a wrench.

Production capabilities are greatly expanded with the Nexus QTN-250MSY. A workpiece can be quickly transferred between the first and second headstock to complete machining operations. The workpiece can be automatically oriented in phase for smooth, continuous operation. Rapid traverse in the X axis is 1181 ipm, 826 ipm in Y, and 1299 ipm in Z. High-gain servo control makes acceleration/deceleration fast and virtually vibration-free. Single-step 12-tool position turret indexing time of 0.2 seconds per position minimizes idle time, which increases productivity.

Equip the Nexus QTN-250MSY with an optional bar feeder and you can take advantage of the bar feeder schedule function that comes standard with the Mazatrol Fusion 640T Nexus CNC. Different parts can be scheduled and cut in varying quantities out of the same bar stock. Sets or kits can be produced continuously and automatically. The Mazatrol Fusion Control also allows networking the machines on the production floor (with optional PCMCIA interface).

All this productivity comes with environmental consciousness as well. Grease lubrication instead of way lube on the Nexus cuts lubrication use more than 50%, from 30 liters annually to 14.2. Coolant life also is greatly extended due to the lack of tramp oils in the system.

Another benefit of the Nexus QTN-250MSY is the "Tool Eye" automatic tool presetting arm, part of the machine's standard list of features. Simply bring the tool tip into contact with the Tool Eye, and offset of tool nose position, tool measurement, and data registration are done automatically, ensuring accuracy and reducing setup time. The Tool Eye also updates and constantly monitors tool wear.

30 Years of Machine Tool Innovation

In 2004, Mazak Corp. celebrated its 30th anniversary at its Florence, KY, complex. In 1968, Mazak opened its first sales office in Long Island, NY, and moved to Greater Cincinnati in 1974. Expanding 12 times since then, the Kentucky manufacturing operation is now fully ISO 9001:2000 certified. The entire Florence campus includes a Lean Manufacturing Facility, National Technology Center, and Optimum Customer Support Center. Also established are Technology Centers in such major market areas as Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Hartford, and Mexico. These facilities provide complete customer support in manufacturing solutions, process applications, service, parts, and customer training. Mazak produces 22 innovative models of machine tools at its Florence facility. The Nexus series of CNC turning centers and vertical machining centers is the latest and most successful high-performance Mazak machine tools manufactured in the United States. For more information, visit the Mazak website at

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