CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder sharpens and produces tools.

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Primarily suited for tool sharpening, RX7 is also capable of tool production. All axes use proprietary direct-drive technology, and machine features ToolRoom software suite, Digital Servo Drives, and 5DX CNC with touchscreen interface, USB port, and UPS. Motor and ball screw are coupled directly in-line, eliminating problems of backlash and loss of position. Unit employs single direct-drive, multi-directional spindle with dual wheel packs, positioned at either end of spindle.

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RX7 - Compact Machine Produces Miracles

Melbourne - ANCA is launching the latest addition to the ANCA range of CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders - RX7 at Grind Tec, in Germany. It is the most exciting machine in its class available in the market. Its small foot print has the power, strength and working envelope usually attributed to a much larger machine. Although it is primarily a machine for tool sharpening, it is more than capable of taking on new tool production. ANCA has taken all it has learnt from years of experience in the industry and made the most versatile CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder yet - the RX7.

The 'miraculous' process

The objective of the ANCA design team is to develop a machine which matches and foresees today and future demand in CNC Tool Grinding:

· Fast cycle time

· High demand on accuracy of the resulting product and surface finish

· Provide a catalogue of options for tool sharpening and manufacture

This has been achieved by the mechanical design itself and by using a new generation of ANCA CNC. Firstly, all axes on the machine use ANCA direct drive technology. With both motor and ball screw coupled directly in line together the problem of backlash and loss of position is eliminated. Secondly, the introduction of the new ANCA 5DX CNC and Digital Servo Drives.

The speed of the 5DX has increased, resulting in faster positioning feedback giving greater positional accuracy and increasing dynamic performance of the machine. ANCA 5DX supports a touch screen, enabling the operator to navigate through the user interfaces quicker and eliminates use of other external pointing devices. A USB port has also been added allowing any USB device to be plugged in, such as a memory stick or disk drive. The enhancements to the CNC include the latest available hardware and the inclusion of a read-write CD and read DVD for software updates and backups. A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) is another additional feature. The UPS protects the CNC from damage caused by sudden loss of power. When a power loss is detected, it maintains power to the CNC and initiates a controlled shut down sequence avoiding the likelihood of corrupt files.

The RX7 has a single direct drive multi direct ional spindle with dual wheel packs positioned at either end of the spindle. The configuration of these wheels gives complete unrestricted access to the work piece. The spindle has a peak power of 19Kw and maximum speed of 12,000 RPM. I t has more power at low speed with its highest power at 3600 RPM, which is very well suited for carbide grinding.

Each wheel pack has its own dedicated programmable coolant outlet. Removable coolant manifolds are used on each wheel pack for a quick and easy change over. Wheels and coolant pipes can be easily set up off the machine reducing down time when changing wheel packs. Additional and separately cont rollable coolant out let is located on the headstock. Direct driven A-axis can be used as a spindle and run at 600RPM which provides possibilities for cylindrical grinding. There are numerous options available for use with the RX7 that provides it the flexibility to suit most applications. These include Autoloader, Popup Steady, Tailstock, iView and a range of pneumatically cont rolled tool clamping systems. In addition to these it has the capability of communicating directly with a Zoller Tool Gauge.

The physical features of the RX7 are further complemented by the ANCA ToolRoom software suite. There is application software for a variety of end mills, step tools, drills, burrs and many other special applications. The RX7 was completely designed using the latest Unigraphics NX Solid modelling software package making full use of its FEA capabilities resulting in the strongest machine design possible. With the release of the RX7, ANCA has once again raised the bar in quality and technology within the tool and cutter industry. By using the FEA tool in Unigraphics, designs can be evaluated by applying heat or load so the design engineer can optimise the parts performance. The double ended spindle gives complete unrestricted access to the work piece.

About ANCA

ANCA was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture high technology Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) for the machine tool and metal-based industries. Today, ANCA has become a leading designer and manufacturer of complete, precision CNC tool and cutter grinding machines in a global niche market.

With its core values of precision, innovation, quality and technological excellence, ANCA is today an international organisation of more than 300 employees with a robust set of technological and entrepreneurial skills. Offices are located in major cities in Europe, North America and Asia; with dealerships represented in over 25 countries. ANCA continues to understand market demands and produce products and services to benefit its customers.

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