CNC Software targets plasma arc cutting equipment.

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Designed for HyPerformance(TM) Plasma systems and FASTLaser(TM) processes, Automation CNC v6.0 provides HPR interface with full-screen diagnostics, configurable Watch Windows, and ability to create custom cut chart databases. HPR130 auto gas console features allow users to setup plasma supply operations. Along with facility for determining focal position, software offers Dynamic Pierce Control, auto process control, and laser marking capabilities.

Original Press Release:

Hypertherm® CNC Software v6.0 Increases Productivity of Mechanized Applications

Hanover, NH, USA - Automation CNC v6.0 software from Hypertherm, Inc. is now available for metal fabricators seeking greater productivity from mechanized HyPerformance(TM) Plasma systems and FASTLaser(TM) processes. CNC v6.0 is especially designed for applications of HyPerformance Plasma.

Newly released by Hypertherm Automation, CNC v6.0 is a performance upgrade that will be standard on all future shipments of Hypertherm CNC controllers including all EDGE®, MicroEDGE(TM), Voyager(TM) and Mariner(TM) models. The company recommends that current CNC users contact their Hypertherm representative for specific information about system compatibility and available software upgrades to CNC v6.0.

The CNC v6.0 HPR (HyPerformance) interface is the most complete ever offered by Hypertherm Automation. It features full-screen diagnostics, configurable HPR Watch Windows, and the ability to create custom cut chart databases. HPR130 auto gas console features allow users to setup plasma supply operations by selecting material type, material thickness, process current and process gases.

The new CNC release also enhances FASTLaser software tools. Using Hypertherm's patent-pending process monitoring, it provides an automatic adjustment feature for determining focal position. The new automated focal position calibration routine simplifies the process of finding the spot where the laser focal position meets the material surface. It can be used whenever a shift in focal position occurs as with lens installation or resonator maintenance. Additional laser enhancements in CNC v6.0 include time saving Dynamic Pierce Control (DPC), auto process control and laser marking.

"Hypertherm is committed to being the supplier of choice for all our customers' thermal cutting needs," wrote Tate Picard of Hypertherm Automation in a recent Field Facts newsletter. "By actively soliciting feedback from our customers about software enhancements they'd like to see, we've been able to dramatically improve CNC v6.0 user interface screens and functionality. Additional requests from our customers promise to make CNC v7.0, already underway, even better."

Since 1968, Hypertherm has been the industry leader in plasma arc cutting equipment and service. Now, with its entry into the plate-laser cutting market, Hypertherm expands its technology leadership commitment. By continually delivering breakthrough advances in metal-cutting productivity and precision - first in plasma, now also in laser - Hypertherm reaffirms and extends its position as the world's leading supplier of advanced high temperature metal cutting technology. Hypertherm serves a wide range of industrial metal cutting needs from its headquarters in Hanover, New Hampshire, with subsidiaries, sales offices and partner representation worldwide.

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