CNC Software, Inc. Showcases Mastercam X5, Unveils New Swiss Software at OrthoTec 2011

Winona Lake, IN - OrthoTec 2011 will feature the latest in the line of powerful Mastercam machining software. Stop by booth # 416 at the Orthopaedic Capital Center at Grace College, Winona Lake (Warsaw), IN, May 24-25, for a look at Mastercam X5, as well as a preview of the upcoming Mastercam Swiss Expert.

Be the First to See Mastercam Swiss Expert

CNC Software has acquired well-respected Swiss machining software SylvieXpert. Developed in Switzerland for Swiss machines by experts in the Jura region of Switzerland where these machines were invented, we've been refining and adapting it. We will be previewing the 2011 release of Mastercam Swiss Expert at this show.

Mastercam Mill X5 - Built for Speed

We'll also be spotlighting the newly released Mastercam X5, including:

o Fast, aggressive, intelligent roughing

Mastercam's new 3D surface high speed OptiRough toolpath is a new technique designed to remove large amounts of material quickly using its successful dynamic milling motion. Large, aggressive cuts are followed by fast, smaller up-cuts, safely delivering a fully roughed part faster than ever.

o Smart Hybrid Finishing

Hybrid finishing intelligently blends two efficient cutting techniques in a single toolpath. This new toolpath evaluates the model shape and smoothly switches between Constant Z cutting and Constant Scallop machining. The result is a dramatically finer finish with less work.

o Streamlined multiaxis machining

Mastercam's multiaxis suite has new machining techniques and a new, easy, workflow-oriented interface. Mastercam lets you choose the basic type of work you're doing using clear illustrations, and then gives you a clear, step-by-step process for defining how you'll cut the part. Mastercam's multiaxis machining also includes a new highly specialized interface for smooth, gouge-free engine head porting.

o New Dynamic Milling Techniques

Dynamic milling constantly adjusts the toolpath to ensure the most efficient cut possible and allows use of the entire tool flute length, often eliminating the need for multiple depth cuts. New dynamic milling techniques include Dynamic Rest Mill and Dynamic Contour. Dynamic Rest Mill helps ensure maximum tool efficiency during cleanup routines. Dynamic Contour uses an intelligent, efficient high speed contouring strategy to remove material along walls. It supports multi-passes and can optionally include finishing passes.

For more information on Mastercam X5, and to view videos on the new software features, please visit

About Mastercam

Developed by CNC Software, Inc., Mastercam is Windows®-based CAD/CAM software for 2- through 5-axis routing, milling and turning, 2- and 4-axis wire EDM, 2D and 3D design, surface and solid modeling, and artistic relief cutting. CNC Software is a privately owned corporation founded in 1984. The U.S.-based company provides Mastercam CAD/CAM solutions to more than 150,000 installations in 75 countries in industries including mold-making, prototyping, automotive, medical, aerospace, and consumer products. Mastercam runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista®, and Windows 7, and is compatible with all other CAD/CAM systems. For more information about CNC Software, Inc. and its Mastercam family of products, contact CNC Software, Inc., M - F, 8 AM - 6 PM EST at (800) 228-2877 or (860) 875-5006,-671 Old Post Road, Tolland, CT 06084. Or visit

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