CNC Simulators provide safe training environment.

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Providing realistic operation, part programming, and maintenance environment, NC Guide and NCGuidePro can simulate lathes, machining centers, and compound applications. Operators, programmers, and maintenance personnel can repeatedly practice complex actions and develop Custom Macro B subprograms without risks to people or machine tool assets. Simulators also enable development of complex machine troubleshooting scenarios that are not feasible on real equipment.

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GE Fanuc Offers New NCGuide and NCGuidePro CNC Simulators

Products Provide Authentic Simulation For Realistic Operations Training At A Lower Cost

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, JUNE 12, 2007 GE Fanuc Automation, a unit of GE Industrial, today announced two new products: NC Guide and NCGuidePro CNC Simulators for authentic GE Fanuc or FANUC CNC simulation. The new units provide a realistic operation, part programming and maintenance environment at a fraction of the cost of using a real CNC hardware or a production machine tool, therefore lowering training costs.

"The key to unlocking the full potential of operators, programmers and maintenance engineers lies in a company's ability to train them to use the many productivity tools incorporated into the equipment they have purchased," said Tomoake Ishibe, Executive Vice President, GE Fanuc Automation. "Using actual CNC equipment or machine tools to deliver the hands-on experience that is vital to acquiring and demonstrating competence is often too expensive both in investment and lost production costs."

NC Guide and NCGuidePro can simulate a wide range of CNC configurations, including lathes, machining centers and compound applications. Multiple display and keyboard configurations can be selected and saved to match each of the CNCs being used in an organization.

As a training environment the NCGuide and NCGuidePro provide:
o Enhanced comprehension and increased speed of development by performing hands-on exercises in a ergonomically-friendly office or training-room environment;
o Increased safety and productivity by allowing operators, programmers and maintenance personnel to repeatedly practice complex actions and develop Custom Macro B subprograms without risks to people or machine tool assets;
o Reduced training equipment cost by emulating multiple CNC and machine combinations using the Machine Composition setting tool, the Option Setting tool, keyboard and screen size selections, and actual CNC parameter settings, and by integrating custom screens developed and provided by the machine tool builder;
o Expanded training opportunities for more employees and reduced testing bottlenecks by allowing distributed access to the CNC simulator using a 10, 20 or 30-seat concurrent-user network license;
o Development of complex machine troubleshooting scenarios that are not feasible on real equipment by using the machine I/O signal simulation ladders and I/O operation panel and
o Increased productivity by allowing users to attain "expert" level through repeated practice on the simulator before running the actual equipment;

"The fact that the complete CNC environment can now be simulated in a single, affordable product is a great asset to the industry," said Ishibe. "In addition, the ability to add the machine tool builder custom screens and operator panel makes this a very useful distributor training tool. And, the concurrent-user network licensing makes it very affordable for larger companies to allow of their resources access."
GE Fanuc is launching this product at MD&M East medical design and manufacturing show. NCGuide and NCGuidePro are available now. Click on for more information.

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