CNC Router is equipped with stepper motors.

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Available in sizes from 2 x 4 to 10 x 40 ft cutting surface, Routermate CNC router system has Z-axis bearings located at bottom of axis plate to maintain rigidity. Z-axis is re-circulating ball screw drive with traveling distance of 8.5 in., while all other drive systems are completely gear driven. Unit's table is adjustable in height from 6-34 in. and has cross slat brackets that are adjustable to left and right, allowing for side clamping of larger parts.

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Torchmate Unveils the Newly Designed Routermate CNC Router

May 14, 2009

Torchmate sets a new benchmark for quality, durability, and affordability with the new Routermate CNC router system. Designed and built by our research and development team, the Routermate was constructed with more rigidity than most machines on the market today. Custom quotes are offered by the sales team on the Routermate system available in sizes from a 2 x 4 foot cutting surface to a 10 x 40 foot cutting surface.

Torchmate's R&D team examined the pre-existing design and fabrication of the CNC router pinpointing vulnerable construction points and correcting them in their structural plan. To maintain rigidity the Z-axis bearings are located at the bottom of the axis plate, and do not move away from the material as the Z-axis moves the traveling distance of 8.5 inches. The standard version of the Routermate is equipped with stepper motors. Servos, however, are available as an option. All drive systems are completely gear driven, with the exception of the Z-axis that is a re-circulating ball screw drive. The Y and Z axes have 24 bearings each for linear rigidity, and the X-axis runs on 16 cam follower type bearings.

These CNC router tables are available as a complete bolt together kit, or fully assembled Y and Z axes can be purchased separately while the consumer builds his own table. X axis rails can be purchased separately for easy mounting of the gantry to the table. The Routermate gantry comes from the factory fully assembled.

The Routermate's table is adjustable in height from 6 inches to 34 inches. In addition to this vertical adjustability each of the table cross slat brackets is adjustable to the left and right, allowing side clamping of larger parts. The cross slats can also be mounted vertically by adjusting the end brackets. This can be used to reduce deflection when used with heavier materials. The table has additional independent vertical stops to allow one person alone to change the height quickly and securely. All the surfaces of the cross brackets are T-slotted for clamping work on any surface. Also, the Routermate's Z-axis can easily accept various attachments with four mounting holes on a three quarter inch thick retractable main plate.

Routermate accessories and software provide an innovative way of minimizing debris and dust, producing superior surface finishes, and achieving accurate cuts. The dust collection option includes ducting and a vinyl skirt for containing fragments. The spray mist coolant system is useful when cutting material that heats up and can benefit from lubrication using a vegetable based water soluble oil. Other attachments include a drilling and tapping system, and the ability to add a plasma cutter to the Routermate. Many software options are available for the Routermate. Our Routermate Driver Software is capable of starting and stopping the router motor, coolant, and dust collection systems for a fully automated process.

Torchmate, a leader in CNC cutting systems, provides a wide range of CNC solutions to fabricators worldwide. A product of Applied Robotics, Inc., Torchmate has been dedicated to producing precise, affordable cutting systems since 1980. Torchmate products combine the latest manufacturing technologies with a 28 year history of offering unparalleled quality, performance, and technical support for industries throughout the U.S. and abroad. Visit

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