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CNC Punch Press uses 3- or 8-station indexable Multi Tool.

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Nov 08, 2004 - Single-station ALPHA 1212 features CADMAN® CNC control and CNC-controlled programmable indexing mechanism, which enables use of indexable Multi-Tool to expand tooling capacity. Machine punches mild steel up to .312 in. at 400 hits/min. It handles 50 x 50 in. materials and delivers 230 hits/min on 1 in. centers. Open-throat design facilitates handling of large or oversized workpieces, which can be rotated 180°. X- and Y-axis speeds are 1,772 and 1,181 ipm, respectively.

Strippit, Inc. - Akron, NY

Original Press Release

Strippit/LVD Introduces New Alpha 1212 Model to CNC Punch Press Product Line

Press release date: Nov 02, 2004

Akron, New York - Strippit/LVD introduces the ALPHA 1212 CNC punch press to its line of high performance CNC punch press equipment. The ALPHA 1212 is a single-station punching machine with productivity enhancing features such as LVD's exclusive CADMAN® CNC control and CNC controlled programmable indexing mechanism, which enables the use of an indexable Multi-Tool to expand tooling capacity.

The ALPHA 1212 is capable of punching mild steel up to .312" (8 mm) at speeds of up to 400 hits per minute. The punch press handles materials 50" x 50" (1270 x 1270 mm) and delivers 230 hits per minute on 1" (25 mm) centers. The machine's open-throat design facilitates handling of large or oversized workpieces, which can be rotated 180 degrees.

The ALPHA 1212 provides high axis travel speeds for a machine of its class, with an X-axis speed of 1772 IPM (45 m/min) and a Y-axis speed of 1181 IPM (30 m/min). The machine offers efficiency and productivity for prototype applications or low volume production.

Punching Head Accepts Multi-Tool The ALPHA 1212 punching head uses standard, self-stripping, self-aligning thick-style tooling, one of the most commonly used and widely accepted tooling systems in the world.

The machine can be equipped with a 3- or 8-station indexable Multi-Tool. This allows the punch or the Multi-Tool index station to rotate bi-directionally, permitting tools to be positioned at any angle in 0,01-degree increments. Individual tools up to 3.5" (88,9 mm) can be indexed. The use of an indexable Multi-Tool reduces the need for specially keyed punches and dies and allows indexing of a greater range of commonly used tools, maximizing tooling flexibility and significantly reducing tooling requirements. Tooling changeover is fast and simple, enabled by a swing out tool guide.

Rugged Machine Construction The ALPHA 1212 is made of a steel fabricated, stress-relieved frame isolated from the floor using vibration-absorbing machine mounts. The machine weighs 22046 lbs. (10,000 kg.)

A heavy-duty stainless steel fabricated table supports the movement of the work piece assisted by a series of transfer balls and brushes to allow processing of heavier materials. A full brush table is available to reduce noise and scratches when punching thin materials. The X and Y movement of the work carriage is guided on precision linear slide ways powered through digital servo drives and driven by pre-loaded ball screws.

A regenerative hydraulic system with fully controlled ram provides 30 tons of punching force. Stroke length is programmable allowing for correct punch to die penetration settings and height adjustment for form tool applications. Temperature control of the hydraulic system is maintained with a re-circulating heat exchanger.

The ALPHA 1212 is equipped with two work clamps to firmly hold the work piece in place. A footswitch controls the work clamps and the activation of the datum pin, enabling the operator to use both hands to more efficiently load material onto the machine. Re-positioning of large work pieces in the work clamps is accomplished with the aid of two pneumatically operated hold-down pads conveniently located behind and to each side of the punching head.

CADMAN®-CNC Controller The new ALPHA 1212 features LVD's exclusive CADMAN-CNC controller, a user-friendly PC-based control that is powerful yet user-friendly, providing graphic display and conversational programming.

The on-line programming capability of the ALPHA control offers computer-assisted part programming using punch and pattern functions. All information required to generate a part program is displayed in menu form, input directly from the alphanumeric keyboard. The 12" color monitor provides graphic verification. All commands can be input via soft keys. ALPHA can also be programmed offline using Strippit/LVD's CADMAN® CAD/CAM software.

Control and programming features include decimal point programming; absolute/incremental programming; automatic tool compensation; linear, circular, arc and box nibble; bolt hole circles; grid pattern; multipart programming, and others, as well as diagnostic and help support.

Other ALPHA features include a freestanding CNC control located at the front of the machine for safety and easy access, and a wheeled scrap bin to facilitate the removal of scrap.

Strippit/LVD is a leading manufacturer of metalforming equipment, including CNC turret punch presses, laser cutting machines, flexible fabricating systems, press brakes, shears, and programming software.

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