CNC Punch Grinder features direct drives in all axes.

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Using conventional and superabrasive grinding wheels, PGX Grinder can grind round, eccentric, and step punches up to 6 in. in steel and carbide. Measuring 30 in., grinding wheel is programmable via CNC from 200-3,000 rpm or at constant surface speed for short cycle times. Toolroom(TM) v27 software provides ability to include up to 1,000 elements in each step in punch, allowing development and grinding of complex punches as well as import of IGES and DXF files.

Original Press Release:

CNC Grinder Perfects Punches

Specifically designed for grinding punches, the new ANCA PGX CNC Punch Grinder can grind round, eccentric, and step punches up to 150mm (6") in high speed steel and carbide and effectively uses both conventional and superabrasive grinding wheels.
The large 762 mm (30") grinding wheel provides high stock removal rates, extends wheel life, and helps assure high quality surface finishes. The wheel speed is directly programmable via the CNC from 200 to 3000 rpm or at a constant surface speed for short cycle times.

ANCA's new Toolroom(TM) software, Version 27, is packed with new features that extend the efficiency and range of application for the PGX. Designed to meet the demands of customers, Version 27 provides:
o Ability to include up to 1000 elements in each individual step in the punch, allowing development and grinding of much more complex punches as well as importation of many more IGES and DXF files.
o The efficiency of the ellipse grinding cycle has been improved up to 100%.
o Cylindrical grinding capabilities have been added to the PGX, including Traversing and Shoulder Grinding, which expands the versatility of the PGX.

The Toolroom software also provides the ability to program a wide range of generic punch shapes by selecting a suitable contour and entering a few key dimensions into the dedicated graphical interface.

The standard 2D editor is used to draw custom shapes. In addition to DXF and IGES files that contain complex shapes, multiple steps can also be imported allowing instant grinding without any need for additional programming.

A combination of tooling options such as dressers (single point or rotary), tailstock (manual, automatic and slimline), and loaders significantly extend the production capabilities of this powerful machine. Manual, pneumatic or slimline tailstock may be selected by users.

The PGX is capable of providing excellent surface finish and precision contours through the use of:
o Spindle power of 22kW (30HP)
o Digital servo drives
o Robust cast iron work head is specially designed for heavier irregular grinding forces required for punch grinding
o Automatic wheel balancer
o Direct drives in all axes as well as the grinding spindle
o Diamond dresser roll or single point dresser

About ANCA
ANCA was founded in 1974 to design and manufacture high technology Computer Numerical Controls (CNCs) for the machine tool and metal-based industries. Today, ANCA has become a leading designer and manufacturer of complete, precision CNC tool and cutter grinding machines in a global niche market.

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