CNC Milling Machine features fixed-bed, traveling column design.

Press Release Summary:

Pearl universal, multi-axis milling machine provides longitudinal travel of 51 in. Horizontal ram integrated into traveling column features cross travel of 25 in. Ram moves up and down inside column for vertical travel of 19 in., with 26 in. clearance under spindle. A 16,000 rpm 46 hp motorspindle, achieving full power from 4,500 rpm, is integrated into milling head. CNC-controlled continuous machining rotary axis allows milling head to swivel 340°.

Original Press Release:

Parpas/OMV Model "Pearl" CNC Milling Machine

The newly introduced Pearl universal CNC milling machine is a high speed, multi-axis mill suitable for a variety of applications including mold/die, aircraft/aerospace and
general machining.

The fixed bed, traveling column design eliminates the problems associated with varying work piece weights inherent in machines with moving work tables. The machine's dynamics are optimized to suit a constant moving mass. This results in greater accuracies
and better high speed performance. Additionally, there are virtually no weight limitations on the table, work piece holding is simplified, and automated work piece loading and
unloading systems can be easily integrated.

Longitudinal travel is 51". A horizontal ram integrated into the traveling column provides a cross travel of 25". The ram moves up and down inside the column for a vertical travel of 19", with 26" clearance under the spindle. Smooth, consistent performance is ensured by use of a hydraulic counterbalance system.

A 16,000 rpm 46 horsepower motorspindle, achieving full power from 4500 rpm, is integrated into a milling head mounted on the face of the machine's ram. Lubrication is via an air/oil mist system and temperature is kept constant by a refrigeration system
attuned to the ambient temperature. A CNC controlled continuous machining rotary axis allows the milling head to swivel 340 degrees. Full five axis machining capabilities are achieved by utilizing the built-in high speed rotary table. Rotary table size can range from 10" to 25" in diameter.

Pre-loaded roller type linear guideways and a high performance digital servo system allow machining feed rates up to 1100 inches per minute. Linear scales for positional feedback provide accuracies of 0.0004" and repeatability of 0.0002". Rotary axes have a resolution of 0.001 degrees.

Standard equipment includes: twenty position automatic tool changer, tool probing system, flood coolant system, hydraulic system for tool clamping and accessories, automatic compensation system for thermal growth, operator's console with LCD display, air conditioned and dust proof electrical cabinet, full metal enclosure, and a high performance Heidenhain or Selca CNC control.

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