CNC Long Bed Lathes have 17 in. wide TRI-V bed design.

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Optimizing access to work pieces during setup and measurement, TUR630MN and TUR710MN series Manual Plus CNC long bed lathes are available as 25 or 28 in. swing over bed with 78, 118, or 157 in. between centers. Machines include independent overhead swivel control station to avoid cable damage, while absolute encoders on feed motors for z- and x-axis eliminate need for homing. Also incorporated are 4.1 or 5.5 in. spindle bores, with speeds up to 2,500 rpm on 4.1 in. bore.

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Toolmex Announces Boldly Redesigned TUR-MN Manual Plus CNC Series Lathes

SCHAUMBURG - Toolmex Corporation announces a bold new redesign of their TUR630MN and TUR710MN series Manual Plus CNC long bed lathes, transforming the appearance and operation of the popular series while creating an ideal solution for better machining, greater precision, straightforward operation and easier maintenance than ever before. Available as 25" or 28" swing over bed with 78", 118" or 157" between centers, the redesigned models incorporate the best features from its predecessors-such as a 17" wide precision TRI-V bed design for higher accuracy, longer service life and no fishtailing-with new features designed to promote safety, user-friendliness and enhanced performance.

"As the exclusive US distributor of Haco, the European builder of the TUR series, we are excited to present these newly redesigned lathes to our customers," said Tom Kob, Toolmex Machine Tool General Manager. "Industries like our TUR-MN lathes because they are so machinist-friendly due to the straightforward programming that requires minimal G-code knowledge and optimizes the skill level of the lathe operator, making production more efficient. The limited manual function also helps operators to apply their special knowledge and practical experience working with conventional machines."

With the redesigned TUR-MN series enhanced guarding package, operators can enjoy better access to work pieces during setup and measurement as well as improved chip and coolant capture within the work area. A new independent overhead swivel control station keeps cabling secure against damage, above the chip area and out of harm's way. In addition, the new generation TUR-MN models now feature autoshifting ranges on all lathes for increased operational efficiencies.

Job Shop software is available on redesigned TUR-MN lathes with choice of CNC: Shop Turn with Siemens 840Dsl, Manual Turn with Siemens 810D, or Manual Guide i with Fanuc 0-iD. Absolute encoders on feed motors for Z-axis and X-axis mean homing is not required and the display shows the axes position data in the work piece co-ordinate system (WCS) or machine co-ordinate system (MCS). In the event of power outage or interruption, tool position will not be lost. The hydraulic unit is a standard, allowing future installation of hydraulic components, such as power chucks or power steadies, without adding expensive hydraulic hardware.


o Hardened and ground bedways

o Turcite on longitudinal cross ways

o Precision ground ball screws

o Big 4.1" or 5.5" spindle bores, with speeds up to 2500 rpm on the 4.1" bore

o Main spindle is powered by Fanuc or Siemens infinitely variable AC Digital Drive

o The "wide constant Power range" starts at low 100 RPM of spindle.

o 16 / 25 HP main drive with CSS and 2-range headstock for better power and toque

o Shafts and gears made of heat treated alloy steel are hardened and ground

o Autoshifting headstock range and CSS

o Heavy duty tailstock wrap around body, large 4" dia quill & come-along-rapid repositioning with quick clamp/unclamping lever to save operator time and effort

o Extended saddle for greater support of full length cross slide. Optional dual t-slot at rear of CS for increased boring or turning capability

o Door Interlock Safety Switch

o Simpler programming through graphic-interactive or textual programming input with contour definition and cycle support

o User-friendly operation through practice-oriented set up and measuring functions, straightforward tools administration, and 3-D simulation

o Thread-repair cycles as standard for straight/taper and internal/external threads

o Wide range of options including: power or manual turrets, hydraulic chucks and steady rests, follow rest, C-axis and milling option, tool turret with or without "Live" tools, chip conveyor, special 3" boring bar holder, and more

For nearly 40 years, Toolmex has specialized in rugged European-built medium and heavy duty Manual and Manual Plus CNC lathes designed for heavy, yet high precision work. Toolmex offers a full line of 24" - 80" swing lathes, most with the exceptional TRI-V bedway design, Fanuc or Siemens CNC packages, custom enhancements, factory direct support and almost limitless options. Toolmex stocks a wide range of TUR CNC European built lathes for fast delivery, up to 37", 12" bore, and 20' bc.

All Toolmex lathes are backed by a renowned 1-year warranty, experienced factory service engineers and a multi-million dollar spare parts and options center in the USA.

For more information, visit or call (800) 992-4766.

About Toolmex Corporation, Inc.

Since 1973, Toolmex has served the industrial marketplace as a leading provider and global supplier with broad product lines and service solutions, supporting a wide network of distributors throughout North America, Central and South America. Our commitment to assisting our customers' business goals has driven us to evolve into a full line supplier with an integrated distribution channel, taking the product from factory to final destination. From our premier TMX Tooling and Workholding lines to our superior TUR series long bed lathes and versatile Elektrim and Elektrimax motors, Toolmex is committed to offering the best in its class now and into the future. Toolmex is headquartered in Natick, MA with a branch location in Schaumburg, IL. Toolmex Machinery is a registered trademark of Toolmex Corporation.

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