CMV Cold Storage Selects Priya® Warehouse Management System to Facilitate Accurate Cross Dock, Same Day Inventory Turns

Arizona-based produce 3PL's strong preference for a 100% Microsoft warehouse solution steered decision.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - June 4, 2007 - CMV Cold Storage, a third party logistics (3PL) company specializing in receiving and shipping for large produce distributors, has selected Motek's Windows-based Priya® Warehouse Management System (WMS) to improve inventory accuracy and speed cross dock shipments with inventory that turns daily.

"We believe that by automating our process we will increase speed and efficiency, allowing us to serve more customers and offer them a greater number of services," said Anna Longoria, Office Manager of CMV Cold Storage.

CMV Cold Storage will use the inventory management software to provide real-time information to its customers including pre-receipts, advance shipping notifications and precise, real-time data for on-hand inventory. In addition, Priya will be an essential part of CMV Cold Storage's just-in-time inventory management, as the company strives to drop and ship 100% of its inventory daily.

"Speed and efficiency are key drivers for our customers seeking to automate their 3PL processes," said Ann Price, Motek's CEO. "Equally important is ease-of-use and maintenance, which is why we selected and built Priya on a Microsoft platform from the beginning."

CMV Cold Storage consolidates produce for virtually every large manufacturer providing perishable foods to the United States from Mexico. To better service current customers and prepare for growth, the company sought a robust, 100% Windows warehouse management system that was backed by extraordinary expertise in both inventory management software and the produce industry. In addition, the inventory management software had to work seamlessly with other Microsoft-based programs used by CMV Cold Storage's customers such as FAMOUS produce software.

"Priya is an exceptional system that aligns with our needs and has proven to be a valuable asset throughout the produce industry," added Longoria. "The full-featured system can be easily configured by our IT team to deliver exactly the information we need, when we need it, both to our warehouse staff and to our customers. We believe this system and Motek's in-depth understanding of our business will improve the service we provide our current customers and position us for strong future growth."

About CMV Cold Storage -

Based in Nogales, Arizona, CMV began operations in 1999 with a vision of meeting the transfer, handling, storage and information requirements of large produce companies shipping from Mexico to the United States. CMV's state-of-the-art warehouse campus exceeds requirements for temperature, humidity, and handling, has been certified by the USDA and PrimusLabs and was awarded a National Prize for Engineering.

About Motek® -

Founded in 1991, Motek is the warehouse management software technology leader. Motek's single, all-inclusive product, Priya, is the only Tier 1 Microsoft Windows®-based WMS available today. Motek's reputation for innovation began when the Smithsonian Institute recognized it for being the first RF WMS on a PC. Since then, Motek has been the first WMS on Windows, the first WMS with real-time engineered labor standards, and the first Windows®-based WMS with voice recognition.


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