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CMR Cables feature halogen-free construction.

Press Release Summary:

Feb 01, 2013 - Part of 17 FREE™ line, GenSPEED® 10 MTP™ Cat 6A 10 Gig Type CMR Cables contain Mosaic Crossblock™ technology, providing unshielded twisted pair cable that performs like shielded cable but with green properties. Cables do not contain any chlorine, fluorine, bromine, or iodine. ETL listed and UL verified, cables are suited for network infrastructure and data centers within enterprise, healthcare, and education markets where data must be moved quickly and communications delivered in real-time.

General Cable Corp. - Highland Heights, KY

Original Press Release

General Cable Expands Its 17 Free(TM) Line with the Introduction of Genspeed® 10 MTP(TM) Cat 6a Type CMR

Press release date: Jan 25, 2013

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, KENTUCKY, – General Cable (NYSE: BGC) is pleased to announce that it has added another halogen-free cable to its GenSPEED® 17 FREE™ offering.  The new GenSPEED® 10 MTP™ Cat 6A 10 Gig Type CMR cables, which were launched at the 2013 BICSI Winter Conference on January 20th, are now also available in a halogen-free construction. 

“Our new 10 Gig Type CMR cables featuring the 17 FREE construction are more environmentally-friendly and contain our revolutionary Mosaic Crossblock™ technology, providing an Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable that performs like a Shielded cable but with substantiated green properties,” said Chip Barrett, Product Manager, General Cable Communications Products.  “Now with a complete Type CMR premise line, we offer an innovative way to enhance the sustainability message with any application that requires data communications cable.”

With the removal of halogens, General Cable’s GenSPEED 10 MTP Type CMR cables that are now part of the revolutionary 17 FREE line do not contain any chlorine, fluorine, bromine or iodine, reducing the overall toxicity of the cable and truly resulting in a more environmentally-friendly “green” product.  The GenSPEED 10 Gig cables featuring the 17 FREE construction are ideally suited for network infrastructure and data centers within markets such as enterprise, health care, education and others where data must be moved quickly and communications delivered real-time. The cables are ETL Listed, UL verified and meet ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 standards.

“As part of our Green commitment, we continue to find innovative ways to exceed the requirements of our customers,” said Bob Kenny, Senior Vice President and General Manager, General Cable Communications Products.  “Our 17 FREE product line is a great example of turning end-user feedback into reality and we have worked to develop other sustainable 17 FREE cable options, including GenSPEED® Type CMR Cat 6a Shielded, Cat 6 and Cat 5e Premise cables; Carol® Type RG 59/U Standard and Siamese Coaxial cables; NextGen® Type OFNR Tight Buffer Distribution Fiber cables; and Carol® Brand Types SOOW and SJOOW cables.” 

Based on potential LEED credits established by The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and earlier requests for green products, General Cable, who is a member of the USGBC and the Green Suppliers Network, had its Wire Wizards closely examine the jacket of its Cord products, which has led to the successful engineering of these 17 FREE versions free of halogens.

Please click here to see our data sheet on GenSPEED 10 MTP Cat 6A Type CMR featuring 17 FREE.  For more information on General Cable’s complete 17 FREE Product line, click here now.

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Going Green with General Cable
General Cable has accelerated its environmental commitment, addressing its Green Alternative Approach by identifying greener opportunities and promoting green cabling solutions wherever feasible.  This includes promoting our existing green products; partnering with key customers in their green endeavors; identifying and providing resources for green product gaps; and participating as members in the U.S. Green Building Council and collaborative ventures such as the Green Suppliers Network (GSN).