CMOS LDO Voltage Regulators feature inrush current protection circuit.

Press Release Summary:

TCR4DG series CMOS LDO Voltage Regulators are offered in fixed voltages between 1.0 V-4.5 V. Units feature over-current, over-temperature and inrush current protection. Housed in 0.645mm x 0.645mm WCSP4E package, regulators come with auto-discharge function and pull down connection between CONTROL and GND. Units deliver a ripple rejection of 70dB (typ.) at output of 2.5 V and 10 mA and are capable of driving up to 420 mA.

Original Press Release:

Toshiba Announces New CMOS LDO Voltage Regulators

Targeted to Mobile Applications; Capable of Driving up to 420mA

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) today announced a new family of CMOS low dropout (LDO) regulators: the TCR4DG series. Consisting of general-purpose, single-output voltage regulators with on/off control input, low output noise voltage and low inrush current, the TCR4DG series is available in fixed output voltages between 1.0V and 4.5V – capable of driving up to 420mA.

Small ceramic input and output capacitors can be used with the TCR4DG series, making these devices suitable for mobile applications that require high-density board assembly, such as cell phones. The new regulators are offered in an ultra-small plastic mold WCSP4E package (0.645mmx0.645mm (typical); t:0.43mm (max)) and feature over-current protection, over-temperature protection, inrush current protection, and auto-discharge functionality.

"Mobile designs are becoming increasingly power hungry and are demanding high-current LDOs to fit inside compact designs," noted Talayeh Saderi, senior business development manager for TAEC. "With the new TCR4DG series, we're providing engineers with 400mA of clean, efficient voltage regulation in a small package – the 420mA LDO."

Key Features

  • Low drop-out voltage: VDO=193mV (typ.) at 3.3V-output, IOUT=420mA
  • Low output noise voltage: VNO=38μVrms (typ.) at 2.5V-output, IOUT=10mA, 10Hz<=f<= 100kHz
  • Fast load transient response (⊿VOUT =±115mV (typ.) at IOUT = 1⇔420mA, COUT=1.0μF )
  • High ripple rejection (R.R=70dB (typ.) at 2.5V-output, IOUT=10mA, f=1kHz)
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Inrush current protection circuit
  • Auto-discharge function
  • Pull down connection between CONTROL and GND

Parts List

Product No.                   Output voltage (V)(typ.)             Marking               Product No.                  Output voltage (V)(typ.)        Marking

TCR4DG10                           1.0                                            A                   TCR4DG25                            2.5                                  T

TCR4DG105                         1.05                                          B                   TCR4DG27                            2.7                                  U

TCR4DG11                           1.1                                            C                   TCR4DG275                          2.75                                V

TCR4DG115                         1.15                                          D                   TCR4DG28                            2.8                                  W

TCR4DG12                           1.2                                            E                   TCR4DG285                          2.85                                X

TCR4DG125                        1.25                                           F                   TCR4DG29                             2.9                                 Y

TCR4DG13                          1.3                                             H                   TCR4DG30                             3.0                                 0

TCR4DG135                        1.35                                           J                   TCR4DG31                             3.1                                 1

TCR4DG15                          1.5                                             K                   TCR4DG32                             3.2                                 2

TCR4DG175                       1.75                                           L                    TCR4DG325                          3.25                                3

TCR4DG18                         1.8                                             M                    TCR4DG33                            3.3                                 4

TCR4DG185                      1.85                                            N                     TCR4DG35                            3.5                                 5

TCR4DG19                        1.9                                              P                     TCR4DG36                            3.6                                 6

TCR4DG23                        2.3                                              R                      TCR4DG42                           4.2                                 7

TCR4DG245                     2.45                                            S                        TCR4DG45                          4.5                                 8

Pricing and Availability

Toshiba's new CMOS LDO voltage regulators are available now. For more details, samples and pricing information, please contact your local Toshiba Sales Office.

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