CMOS Image Sensors enable HD imaging in cameras.

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Series A337x-4T 2.5 megapixel System-on-Chip sensors deliver 1080p video in 1/3 in. optical format. Wide ranging frame rate tolerances, with maximum of 72 fps, allow for special effect, time-lapse, and slow motion recording capabilities. Features include 2,000 x 1,132 pixel resolution, continuously variable progressive frame rate, 20-bit architecture with 12-bit analog-to-digital converter, and HD resolution at light levels below 0.5 lx.

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AltaSens Announces Native 1080p 60 Resolution in New AltaChrome(TM) A337x Series 1/3 in. HD CMOS Image Sensors

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif., Aug. 2 -- AltaSens, a pioneer in supplying high-performance CMOS imaging sensors to leading manufacturers of HD cameras, has begun shipping engineering samples of its newly developed AltaChrome A337x-4T series of sensors to key customers. Aimed squarely at the exploding HD camera market, the new 2.5 megapixel imaging System-on-Chip (iSoC) A337x-4T sensor delivers high-quality 1080p video in the popular 1/3 in. optical format with exceptional flexibility for HD prosumer, consumer, videoconferencing, IP network, and security cameras. The A337x-4T joins a recently announced sibling in the AltaChrome family, the A5262-4T, which is a dual-use sensor producing still images at 5M resolution (1/2.8 in.) as well as full-resolution HD video at 1080p.

Offered in color (A3372-4T) and monochrome (A3370-4T) versions, the A337x- 4T iSoC delivers up to 2000x1132 pixel resolution with high image quality at a continuously variable progressive frame rate, ranging from a few frames per minute to a maximum frame rate of 72 frames per second at full 1080p HD resolution. Cameras equipped with A337x-4T iSoCs thus bring special-effect, time-lapse, and slow-motion recording-features previously reserved only for high-end broadcast and cinematography cameras-to the consumer market.

Like all AltaChrome sensors, the A337x-4T series boasts a low-power 20-bit iSoC architecture with 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), high- sensitivity 4T pixels with wide exposure latitude, and low power consumption. Because of an optimum pixel size of 2.7 µ per side and extremely low noise, A337x-4T sensors also exhibit best-in-class Signal-to-Noise ratio and dynamic range. The result is lifelike color rendition in a popular, cost- effective optical format serving consumer and professional cameras.

Laurent Blanquart, Vice President of Engineering at AltaSens, remarks that "AltaSens' unique combination of 4T pinned photodiode, low-noise signal chain, low power architecture, and programmable controller and data processor provides significant advantages for our customers. While the sensor's iSoC operations are fully programmable and can thereby deliver high quality when specifically tuned for an application, our design methodology also seamlessly embeds customer-driven features that further enhance sensor versatility and performance in next-generation cameras."

The color version of the sensor (A3372-4T) is ideal for videoconference, camcorder, and security applications. The sensor's exceptional clarity in dim light enables color cameras to capture true HD resolution at light levels significantly below 0.5 lux. The sensor's flexible resolution and frame rates enable native camera or multiformat support from VGA or PAL through HD. VGA/ PAL is generated at up to 240 Hz, double-VGA or PAL at up to 120 Hz, 720p at up to 120 Hz (1/4 in.), and 1080p at 30, 60 and 72 Hz.

The monochrome version of the sensor (A3370-4T) will immediately upgrade today's professional and prosumer three-sensor cameras to full native 1080p resolution with high-quality 4:4:4 color, while obviating the need for any interim solutions using cumbersome and questionable techniques including pixel shifting, slanting, and anamorphic pixellation.

AltaChrome A337x-4T sensors offer full support for AltaSens' BitsDReam(TM) technology, which extend dynamic range from 12 bits to 14 bits or more at slightly reduced frame rates.

AltaChrome A337x-4T engineering samples and evaluation kits are now available.

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With headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, AltaSens, Inc. is the premier supplier of high performance CMOS image sensors for the emerging world of high definition video. The AltaChrome(TM) and ProCamHD(TM) families of image sensors are used worldwide in a diverse range of imaging products spanning such markets as broadcast/professional, camcorder, videoconferencing, telepresence, medical, machine vision, and surveillance. AltaSens' HD imaging system-on-chip CMOS video sensors deliver a technology that enables lower noise, lower power consumption, higher sensitivity, higher frame rate, and higher dynamic range in a cost-effective solution. For more information, visit

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