CMOS Camera features USB-2 interface.

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Machine vision-class CMI Ultra connects to any desktop or portable PC that has USB 2.0 port or added interface card. It can transfer 1 k x 1 k image to host at 17 fps. Camera includes USB 2.0 cable, API software, as well as small application that allows users to modify camera parameters and capture images to hard drive in various resolutions. Camera accepts any lens that uses the industry-standard C-mount.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the CMI Ultra, an Easy-to-use CMOS Machine Vision-class Camera with an USB-2 Interface

San Diego, CA - Computer Modules, Inc., (CMI) recently introduced the CMI Ultra camera, one of the first machine vision-class CMOS cameras available in the United States. Machine vision cameras are distinguished from other cameras by the fact that they can accept any lens that uses the industry-standard C-mount. This feature is very important because high-quality lenses are often required to solve specific problems, and because close-up work is typical in industrial imaging applications.

The CMI Ultra is also one of the first CMOS industrial cameras to feature USB 2.0 connectivity. The USB 2.0 interface allows the CMI Ultra camera to interface to any desktop or portable PC that has an USB 2.0 port or an added interface card. This feature eliminates the hassle and expense of having to use a frame grabber to capture images while reducing incompatibility problems other cameras have with many PC's.

In addition to its ease-of-use, USB 2.0 was chosen for its speed and bandwidth capabilities. USB 2.0 is eight times faster than USB 1.0 and competes directly with Firewire. The Ultra camera can transfer a 1k x 1k image to the host at 17fps. And as USB technology improves, the transfer rates will be real-time.

Very high megapixel resolution is rapidly becoming a necessity in today's machine vision applications. The additional resolution helps by providing the detail that our eyes miss. With PC's becoming more powerful, CMOS cameras will soon provide 3k x 3k true photographic resolution.

"With CMOS sensor technology and USB 2.0 connectivity, CMI can offer this compact camera below the cost of many of the competitive CCD cameras that are currently on the market.," stated Les Zoltan President of Computer Modules, Inc."

Mr. Zoltan went on to say, "With CMI's robust Application Program Interface (API), users can integrate the camera into almost any application with ease. In addition to the Application Program Interface, CMI can customize the API to fit the most demanding applications."

Included with the CMOS Ultra is a USB 2.0 cable, API Software, as well as a small application that allows users to modify the camera parameters and capture images to their hard drive in various resolutions.

About Computer Modules Inc.
Computer Modules Inc., headquartered in San Diego, California is a privately held company founded in 1982 by Laszlo (Les) Zoltan. CMI sells innovative, cost efficient, high-tech products and services that meet the demands of our video-oriented customers, enabling them to develop solutions that result in profits and success by managing development and ongoing costs. In addition to being a value-added reseller of professional imaging products for a number of well known companies, CMI also manufacturers a line of its own imaging products.

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