Clutch Brake suits high-indexing conveyor applications.

Press Release Summary:

Clutch brake allows internal drum motor to run continuously and engages pulley shell only when conveyor movement is desired. It provides indexing speeds up to 80 starts and stops per min. 8 1/2 in. dia drum motor, equipped with clutch brake, eliminates in-rush of start-up current. It operates as either normal unit, idler unit, or brake unit. Horsepower range is from 0.50 to 5.50 hp. Drum speeds are fixed, and range from 28 to 1369 ft/min.

Original Press Release:

Patented Internal Clutch Brake For High Indexing Conveyor Belt Drives To Be Unveiled At NA 2002

Van der Graaf Inc. will unveil their new patented clutch brake for internally powered drum motor drives, that provides maintenance-free operation in high indexing conveyor applications, at NA 2002, Booth #2219, April 8-11, Cobo Hall, Detroit, Mich. The clutch brake allows the internal drum motor to run continuously and engages the pulley shell only when conveyor movement is desired. High levels of conveyor drive
indexing -- up to 80 starts and stops per minute -- is often found in a wide variety of applications, such as: baggage handling, manufacturing and assembly lines, document/package handling and palletizing and packaging operations, among others.

The 8-1/2-inch diameter drum motor equipped with the clutch brake eliminates the in-rush of start-up current that is a common cause of heat generation in the conveyor drive. Disengaging the clutch brake allows the motor to operate in "neutral", minimizing heat build-up. A cooler running drive is energy efficient and reduces operating costs. Allowing the motor to run continuously also extends service life. The drive motor and clutch brake components are all housed within the shell, but are separated in individual chambers.

Additional Benefits

Drum motor installation is quick and easy requiring less than half the time needed to install exposed conveyor drives. The motor's compact, low-profile design eliminates all external parts, such as: motors, gearboxes, chains or belts, pillow block bearings and associated guards.

Efficient and reliable, the motors run at 96 percent efficiency, saving up to 30 percent on power consumption when compared to external drives. The clutch brake drum motor can operate as either: a normal unit, idler unit or brake unit depending on
application requirements.

The drum motor with clutch brake has a horsepower range from 0.50 to 5.50 hp. Standard face widths range from 16.73 to 39.38 inches depending on motor size. Drum speeds are fixed and range from 28 to 1369 ft/min to match an unlimited number of applications.

Van der Graaf will also be introducing their drum motor drive with an electromechanical brake for applications that require up to 25 starts and stops per minute. The economical DCTM brake provides a higher braking torque when compared to conventional drum motors used in sorting, merging and queue conveyor applications.

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