Clutch/Brake Modules require no maintenance.

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Electromagnetic Smooth-Start UniModules provide consistent, smooth starting and stopping throughout entire torque range. Units are NEMA C-face compatible and automatically adjust for wear. They can be paired with CBC-300 clutch/brake control, which allows clutch and brake torque levels to be set independently. Once torque levels are set, control's circuitry supplies constant current to clutch/brake, regardless of voltage or operating environment.

Original Press Release:

New Smooth-Start Clutch/Brake UniModules for the Ultimate in Controllability

July 19, 2005 - South Beloit, IL - Warner Electric once again raises the bar in clutch/brake performance and controllability by announcing the availability of the new Smooth-Start UniModule. This innovative electromagnetic clutch/brake unit provides extremely consistent, smooth starting and stopping performance throughout its entire torque range, even in the most challenging range from zero to 50% of the unit's maximum rated torque.

Smooth-Start UniModules are ideal for conveyor lines ­including unit handling conveyors ­ where starting and stopping at full torque can cause conveyed objects to slide, tip, or otherwise be misplaced or damaged. The Smooth-Start unit enables operators to tailor clutch/brake torque to their application's specific starting and stopping requirements, while keeping the line running at peak capacity.

"Over the years, many of our customers' conveyor applications have evolved into requiring new levels of start-stop precision for a wide range of items in various sizes, shapes, and weights. This customer-based evolution drove our engineers to develop a lower torque unit that simultaneously provides an increased level of torque control," said Shelley Smith, Warner Electric Product Manager. "Whether customers require faster starts and stops at maximum torque, or smoother starts and stops with less torque, the Smooth-Start UniModules perform throughout their entire torque range, and offer increased precision at lower torques than standard clutch/brakes."

To further enhance control, and experience the "ultimate" in precise clutch/brake controllability, Smooth-Start UniModules can be paired with Warner Electric¹s CBC-300 clutch/brake control. The CBC-300 features two independently adjustable channels, so the clutch and brake torque levels can be set independently of each other. Once the torque levels are set, the CBC-300's circuitry supplies constant current to the clutch/brake, regardless of the voltage or operating environment, resulting in consistent torque cycle after cycle.

Both the Smooth-Start UniModule and the CBC-300 are factory assembled for easy installation. Smooth-Start UniModules are NEMA C-face compatible, and automatically adjust for wear, requiring no maintenance throughout their operating lifetime.

For more information about Smooth-Start UniModules and the CBC-300, visit, call 800-234-3369, or fax 815-389-6212. Write to Warner Electric, 449 Gardner St., South Beloit, Ill. 61080.

Headquartered in South Beloit, Ill., Warner Electric is a global supplier of industrial clutches, brakes, clutch/brake controls, tensioning systems, and sensors and switches. Warner Electric is a member of Altra Industrial Motion, a world-class marketing and manufacturing leader with hundreds of years of industrial manufacturing experience.

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